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  1. You still miss the keyword: 'Open source'. For the first things you stated in the post and you delete it, make a mod for that, even for the unlimited arrows. That's the beauty of open source. If you think seeing the same buildings the whole gameplay it's boring, then create a ticket and you do all the buildings for every phase for every civilization (It would be could to see that), but not seeing all the civilizations with the same buildings, that's really boring, the only thing that will differentiate a civilization with another civilization, it will be the name. There will be no UNIQUENESS with what you propose.
  2. I forgot to mention that the map Hills fort, its a 2v1, the one who is on top of the mountain it will be a scripted AI, it's supposed to be a siege map. im planning some fun events that will make the map kinda hard and inmersive(i hope i can reach that goal). that's why that mountain it's surrounded by walls, and it still misses a lot of walls and buidlings inside. For the snowman... i think you are right. Thank you
  3. I would like to receive suggestions, even if the suggestions is the name of the map. Those maps are a WIP. Why im creating a post with unfinished maps? - I want more suggestions. i'll be nice if someone does. - If you like my maps and you want to suggest a map, post it! - I already know i have placed a lot( but a lot!) of objects, i will remove them, and i have a lot of work to do with terrain colors to replace it. Fjords.zip Hills fort.zip
  4. Show template names of selected objects. Love this feature!!
  5. Nice!!! My maps will look great with that!
  6. Does my request fits on eyecandy? Dont tell me you forgot it
  7. I forgot to mention it: IMHO. But the two variants works too. Ademas no creo que sea tan difícil hacer la tecnología, seria añadir y modificar algunos xml y voila!. Por cierto @jos3VB que genialidad lo que estas haciendo
  8. Or the rod as an upgrade tech,but as you said, its more work. That depends on @Jos3BV
  9. It must be like this C:\0AD\binaries\data\mods\map_A_Silent_Day_In_Gaul
  10. Most of the mines can be found in the middle, there is a special spot where you can see at least 20 mines and there is a lot of treasures in the top. And yes, i will have to get rid of large maps Thanks for the feedback
  11. I would like stone spikes damaging ships (But not via an aura). Formalized.
  12. Hi, This is the first map i make. Some background: Its a 1vs1 large map, with island's and a bountiful treasure in the middle; Most of the islands lacks of metal mines. I upload two versions of it. The hard version its kinda laggy and challenging. I do not recommend it for the impatient If you find some bugs, suggestions, feedback or you tried the hard version and went victorious in few seconds, tell me, i will make it more difficult for you. Hills of defile (Easy 1v1).zip Hills of defile (Hard 1v1).zip
  13. Im working on a map and by mistake i placed a lot of trees and some mines but not the gaia objects. There is any way to delete them? The only one i have found its the undo option, but i can't use it. If is needed, i placed objects from actors (all) flora/trees/... and geology/stonemine/...
  14. Se ven geniales. El de minería se le nota el esfuerzo al levantar la pica(Me parece realista) y el de sembrado esta perfecto. Pero el de walk ready y run ready se ven como algo roboticos, los brazos deberian verse mas relajados, no?
  15. I guess you forgot the Siege factory as unique structure
  16. What? Come on rada for the sake of humanity, there it must be another way to handle this. I second the shieldwolf comment
  17. Can you send me a link? This is the only thing i find related to SBB http://www.sbb.ch/ I think i will have to mod that battering ram bonus D:
  18. Units garrisoned in batterings ram, should give a bonus: mov speed, damage and atk speed.
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