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  1. The simple truth is people just like to compare video games to one another. Breath of the Wild is like Horizon zero dawn, which is similar to Witcher 3, which itself is like Skyrim, which is... a clone of Pac-Man. I've seen many of these 0 A.D. comparisons made on Youtube (and elsewhere) since I joined the team 7 years ago, and to be honest it's often an honor for us to be compared to some of the greats in the historic RTS gaming genre
  2. Thanks for the application. Big fan of Company of Heroes myself, including the Eastern Front mod.
  3. I created the Mauryan symbol which you might notice is a lotus flower - the national flower of India. It can be found in a few places on the Great Stupa commissioned by Emperor Ashoka of the Maurya Dynasty in the 3rd century BC.
  4. Hmm... Spectacular and Nostalgic? Trebuchet!
  5. My Spy Sheep concept didn't make it through the approvals process. Too "unrealistic" apparently I kid, I kid!
  6. Why not? The idea was debated by the team and we're going to try it out
  7. Happy to see some excitement about an icon commit
  8. Those look really good. Love the running gif!
  9. Hi man3ster. We have quite a few animals in the game that could use new sounds when they're clicked on. Is that something you could look into? Easiest way would be to place all the animals in a new map in Atlas Editor and then play the Map to hear what they sound like. As Lion suggests, feel free to also give feedback on any sounds that are currently in the game. If you can improve something, let us know
  10. Exactly my point. People will always stack them near the civ center as that is the most functional position, so the terrain they are built on will usually be very flat.
  11. Should rice fields be the same size as farms? Try making rice fields the same shape (square) as farms so that they can be positioned side by side like our farms usually are. I may be wrong, but most rice fields are not terraced on hilly ground, and most people will not build them on hilly ground in 0 A.D. either. Below is an example showing old rice fields near Beijing. Notice many of the fields are actually square shaped: You could make the flat fields have slightly different colours (use different actors in 1 template) to create a nice field effect: The outside of the rice field could also be green more like these - I think it'll look nicer than the mud texture you're using.
  12. I support the idea of having a hotkey to show range effects only when they're necessary, and at the same time subtly highlighting entities that are being affected. historic_bruno summarizes the different cases very well.
  13. Love it. Can we have that in the game please?
  14. As has been stated already, the base game is unlikely to have additional factions added to it now, I personally think we have too many already However that doesn't mean I wouldn't love to see more geographical faction variety added through modding. Kushite-Nubians are a great choice for an African civ, the architectural style is quite distinct and there's a good amount of information available about them online. A number of years ago (before we started on the Mauryan civ) I also looked into the Bantu and Nok civilizations that existed during 0 A.D.'s time period. Unfortunately I couldn't find very much information about them, but the walls of Great Zimbabwe were of particular architectural interest Moving over to the Americas, I was also very interested in the Mayan and Olmec civilizations which would have existed in the time period. One day I hope to see them all in 0 A.D.
  15. So did I. Also thought it was a new feature