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  1. sele/pers javelin: rank 1 (basic) : rank 2 (advanced) : more texture on their shields rank 3 (elite) : heavier armor sele riding archers : rang 1 (basic) : basic clothes rank 2 (advanced) : with cap and perhaps shield on their back rang 3 (elite) : heavier armor and helmet (persian helmets) Have nice day
  2. Hi @Alexandermb , if i played ptol or sele, i noticed thureophori spearmen have no phalax animation yet. if u would plan to implante it, here are some pics about rome 2 phalanx : Thx for read my post. greetings Hidan
  3. Hi there, macedonian defense tower (mace_defense_tower) has not update icon to artillary tower (mace_tower_artillary).
  4. @wackyserious Ptol Advanced Cavalry: Ptol Elite Cavalry: Ptol Champion Cavalry:
  5. Hi all i did talk with @Alexandermb about carthaginian elephants. They are using indian elephants models since last elephant update. My question is if they have indian elephants or north african / bush elephants or other variety of elephants? i agree they have north africans in history. @Sundiata / communtiy: Wuts ur opinion?
  6. Would u do add this chariots to basic rank units without armor wearing horses?
  7. @wackyserious what i found about seleucid silver shields are this reference for texturing:
  8. If i played ptolemaics i did notice they use tarantine javelin cavalry, but they look like odrysian riders. Here some ideas for new look: Tarantine Cavalry: Ptolemaic royal cavalry:
  9. gauls and romans stand together ... wuts wrong in history
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