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  1. perhaps nice working with fire arrows or other fire projectiles for get some damage per sec on buildings (no direct damage if mass attacks)
  2. Nice job. Are these flags for athenian and spartian shields?
  3. Archers ranged attack is bugging, idle works right. Persian kardakes skirmishers cape is bugging everytimes.
  4. Wuts about this? https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Emblem_of_the_Hasmonean_dynasty.svg https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hasmonean_dynasty
  5. i wanna to wish 0 a.d. community and developers beautiful chrismas and a good time at next year. watch forward and keep ur work amazing
  6. sele/pers javelin: rank 1 (basic) : rank 2 (advanced) : more texture on their shields rank 3 (elite) : heavier armor sele riding archers : rang 1 (basic) : basic clothes rank 2 (advanced) : with cap and perhaps shield on their back rang 3 (elite) : heavier armor and helmet (persian helmets) Have nice day
  7. Hi @Alexandermb , if i played ptol or sele, i noticed thureophori spearmen have no phalax animation yet. if u would plan to implante it, here are some pics about rome 2 phalanx : Thx for read my post. greetings Hidan
  8. Hi there, macedonian defense tower (mace_defense_tower) has not update icon to artillary tower (mace_tower_artillary).
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