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  1. I think @wraitii uploaded a patch to phabricator that implements pushing. That seems to be an alternative to steering.
  2. I meant adding an option to enable shadows for grass. (I can imagine that could cost quite some performance)
  3. Maybe we should add some kind of "<optionallycastshadow/>" for good gpus?
  4. Apart from many issues regarding censorship and free speech the main issue is that following art13 most of the small sites that allow users to upload content (forums, etc.) will be forced to install filters.
  5. Yep. If that is implemented, we can see how good it works and adapt the strategy where needed.
  6. What happens when you try shiftclick?
  7. I have to totally agree: These rants are unacceptable.
  8. Such a nice work But could you add some damage to the shield boss? A shield with heavily used planks and a brand new glossy boss looks a bit strange...
  9. Our last chance is soon. Parliament will decide finally at the end of March. There will be big demonstrations at March 23rd: https://savetheinternet.info Also consider calling your member of parliament (do it friendly and patient): https://pledge2019.eu There are chances we could stop that article.
  10. The solution to people leaving rated games too early is that we as wfg host the games on our server. We can hopefully do this somewhere in the future. But it needs someone to implement changes in the game.
  11. Just quickly scanned through the article: Sounds suspicious. Read it again more thoroughly. Read "blockchain" --> Really suspicious ^^ If it's not, you should explain it more. Edit: Read the indigogo entry: Sounds like a social media platform for FOSS with a built-in cryptocurrency for distributing bounties.
  12. Nope. This is just usual fog.
  13. Are you using any mods? Please open the game, try connecting to the lobby, then close it. Then post the interestinglog.
  14. Yes. Just go to https://code.wilfiregames.com and then click on differential and add a new patch/differential.
  15. Thank you for your information. Then the question how the natural manes looked in timeframe still remains Afaik the form of the mane heavily depends on the breed. And speaking as a total layman in terms of history and warfare: I think a long mane could be quite hindering in the battle, as it can obstruct your vision when the horse moves its head. (An animated mane would be extremely cool But probably a bit excessive ^^)
  16. Very nice. But a varity in mane shapes would be the cherry on top. Also what mane types were common in that timeframe and cultures?
  17. Regarding the IP ban: Most ISPs have a certain pool of IPs. If you are a customer, you mostly get a new address from that pool every night or when you reboot your access router. So it might be that some time ago a spammer had your current IP address. It also makes sense for Wikipedia to block IP ranges, because a spammer can easily get a new IP by rebooting their access router.
  18. I don't think so. I'd just ignore the message as long as you aren't banned from writing. If you are banned from writing, I guess there is some Wikipedia discussion page for resolving such issues.
  19. geoip mostly shows the location pretty rough only.
  20. For me hosting a lobby game and joining with another local device via lobby works. With and without STUN. So odds are high, that the issue is your network/router.
  21. Yeah, I misunderstood your No... (Already edited my post, while you typed this answer ;))
  22. No. (I developed it, so I know for sure ;)) Edit: After re-reading, I partially have to take that No back: If you want to host a lobbied game and then join via direct connect, that is because of lobby authentication. It could be dependent on STUN/NAT-Hole Punching. Could also be because of your router, some don't allow internal devices accessing another internal device via the routers global IP
  23. Regarding 2: I uploaded a patch to phabricator that moves the camera to the attacked unit if the user clicks on the attack notification. If we are lucky that will be committed until next release.
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