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  1. Regarding the IP ban: Most ISPs have a certain pool of IPs. If you are a customer, you mostly get a new address from that pool every night or when you reboot your access router. So it might be that some time ago a spammer had your current IP address. It also makes sense for Wikipedia to block IP ranges, because a spammer can easily get a new IP by rebooting their access router.
  2. I don't think so. I'd just ignore the message as long as you aren't banned from writing. If you are banned from writing, I guess there is some Wikipedia discussion page for resolving such issues.
  3. geoip mostly shows the location pretty rough only.
  4. Imarok

    Multiplayer in same Network

    For me hosting a lobby game and joining with another local device via lobby works. With and without STUN. So odds are high, that the issue is your network/router.
  5. Imarok

    Multiplayer in same Network

    Yeah, I misunderstood your No... (Already edited my post, while you typed this answer ;))
  6. Imarok

    Multiplayer in same Network

    No. (I developed it, so I know for sure ;)) Edit: After re-reading, I partially have to take that No back: If you want to host a lobbied game and then join via direct connect, that is because of lobby authentication. It could be dependent on STUN/NAT-Hole Punching. Could also be because of your router, some don't allow internal devices accessing another internal device via the routers global IP
  7. Regarding 2: I uploaded a patch to phabricator that moves the camera to the attacked unit if the user clicks on the attack notification. If we are lucky that will be committed until next release.
  8. Imarok

    Support copy paste of hostname or ip address

    Definitely. But we also need someone implementing it to make that happen.
  9. Imarok

    Multiplayer in same Network

    Direct IP is still possible. In the main menu, just go to multiplayer -> host game.
  10. Imarok

    Installing Development Version - Ubuntu

    '--' should also work fine.
  11. Imarok

    Support copy paste of hostname or ip address

    If you have a patch that improves copypasting in 0ad, feel free to upload it.
  12. Not using prerendered fonts, but rendering them in realtime should already save much space.
  13. Imarok

    Modding on Linux Ubuntu

    I guess you mean /usr/share/games/0ad/mods/public/public.zip
  14. Decisions of the original designers aren't set in stone. If it makes more sense and people agree, things can be changed. (I don't have the authority to say if that is applicable to this case)
  15. Imarok

    Hyrule Conquest

    We could also use it for the main game, for the regicide mode.
  16. Someone should probably update that to use modio.
  17. Imarok

    Black powder test

    Is there already a ticket stating the needs? If not, you should probably create one.
  18. Imarok

    ===[COMMITTED]=== Celtic Unit Helmets

    I guess it would be best to make that a wiki page
  19. Elaborate. What exactly is the bug? What are the symptoms?
  20. Why that? Can't we just add units standing on the boat and using the oars? (Nice work as always)
  21. I'm not stan, but also can do this Do you want to get it merged into or shall I create a new topic?
  22. I think Grugnas reported that on some commit but couldn't reproduce it.