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Arranging 1800+ 1v1s.


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Its very difficult to find fresh vs fresh 1v1s by high level players, as the players are so rare, and rarely come online, some stop playing alltogether.

Im making this forum post so ppl can arrange games/coming online times if they want to.

If ive missed any 1800+ players, ping them below please.

So if you wanna play at X time window in the future that you are free at, post here, and ppl can come here to check when next gathering or schedule(s) is/are, posted by som1, or post plans/intent themselves.

This way we wont miss eachother, and tire out playing less compettetive games, becuase we can never know when som1 challenging is coming online.

Hope this raises 1800+ 1v1 counts. 

@ValihrAnt @Feldfeld @Stockfish @LetswaveaBook (ping weirdjokes, if know forum name pls) ..wow cant even recall any other currently active 1v1 player who is 1800+ 


Gif for visual representation: Top 30 Scooby Doo Chase GIFs | Find the best GIF on Gfycat

maybe in the future we can all have own forum posts, that we update, that show our free time, and i could link them all here, but too far fetched rn.

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On 11/10/2022 at 7:16 PM, borg- said:

Well, I haven't played because no good opponent, just feld and vali, and I hardly see them online.

I can have fun against 1800-1900 but they are also rare.

im not a good opponent? :( also, ive improved again, now im 2070, only 70 points from you, please come back, there is almost no1 to play vs, its getting boring again.

I just had an idea for "top 5 invitational" tournament, as opposed to a regualr one, would give us some challenge, also easier to organize and deal with time arrangements since only 5 ppl. i was thinking each player plays 4 games, once vs each other contender, winner is one with most total points, if equal points, tiebreaker is played.

ofc vali,  feld and you would be in, and i would think obvioulsy me too but idk about 5th guy, hard to choose.

@ValihrAnt @Feldfeld @borg- 

I once had a discord, made for matchmaking, when there werent many players around but regrettably i abandoned it even as it was over 50 verified 1300+ players as i wasnt playing 0ad for months, so it was a desert with 0 activity. Perhaps bringing it back would be of use, especially for match arangement as it shows when one is online, so you may ask them if they are free to play more often during the day, as well as arrange future playing schedules, tournaments, etc.

since its only 4 games per player, and the games can be played concurrently per round, it could be done within a weekend, ie friday night, saturday night, sunday night(if tie).

if we play 2 games each a day which seems reasonable as many tournaments require 3 games a round vs a single player, it could end in 2 days, or 3 if tiebreakers are needed.

if ever1 scores 2 points, somehow, then we say its a draw and give up, start over? idk XD.

Another option would be to play all 4 games in a single day, but i feel for optimum performance, this is too much as its highly taxing to play against the top 5 in a tournament especially.

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I expect needing 1 or 2 substitutions in the tournament. Even if you are not sure you could play every week that could help (nothing lost by trying). Of course if you don't like the idea of playing lower rated opponents it's fine. I would expect your first game to be against a ~1600 and if you win then close to ~1800 next one

Anyone interested in substituting could message me

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