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In Holland we have a saying, The Apple doesn't fall far from the tree (De appel valt niet ver van de boom). It means that the children look much like their parents.

Or High Trees catch much Wind (Hoge bomen vangen veel wind). This means that the higher you're (let's say the director of a World Wide Company) the further you can fall.

Another Dutch one: To find the dog in the pot. (De hond in de pot vinden) This means that when you are late, there's nothing left for you.

(It's pretty hard to explain sayings in English, it's even diffecult in Dutch :wine: )

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Ad astra per aspera", which means "to the stars through difficulties

Should be "ad astras per asperis" if you want it to mean that.

Hem, it should be: "Per aspera, ad astra"...

Anyway "Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes", that litterally means "i fear the greeks, especially when they bring presents for me", wich means: when someone comes to you with an unexpected present, think that there should be something behind...

Repetita iuvant, it helps to repeat things already said. :wine:

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