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  1. I would like something translated into as many languages as possible, "sunray" as in a beam or ray of light from the sun, in a positive manner. german: sonnenstrahl spanish: rayo de sol italian: raggio di sole french: rayon de soleil swedish: solstråle please post any other translations added: romanian: rază de soare polish: promien sloneczny dutch: Zonnestraal
  2. Two goals almost 40 years ago...i doubt that even counts
  3. After yesterdays game the 38 year old streak still stands. England hasn't beaten Sweden in a game of football since 22 may 1968, there have been lot's of draws, including yesterday, but they haven't won...which i find very amusing
  4. ah, so at least i'm not alone in getting this error...
  5. seems like a good idea, at least for 0 ad. i think tla is a bit early in development for that kind of thing. althou the rest of the tla-team might disagree with me, will bring this up on the meeting tonight.
  6. welcome to WFG, hope you'll enjoy yourself here ah yes..the decline of society
  7. monday, wednesday and friday i go directly to karate-training, otherwise i usually put on the comp, check email and wfg and then do homework till i get too tired...
  8. Hello and welcome to these forums, hope you'll enjoy your stay
  9. ever heard of google? first result: http://egoboo.sourceforge.net/
  10. Oh yeah...the joy of QA great write Stuart.
  11. welcome to the forums, hope you'll enjoy your stay i believe the 0 A.D people have a apply-page somewhere around there site, check it out. Or just draw some things and show them of in the Arts and Entertainment-forum.
  12. Welcome to these forums So, what kind of music do you like? you might find some interesting discussions in the Arts and Entertainment-forum, or if you don't. Why not start one? A life is always good to have (my life seem to have fallen somewhat in the eyes of various people related to 0 a.d recently...can't think of why...) there isnt much to think because you'll be too awestruck for words...or for spending another second thinking about 0 a.d.
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