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    Um.... Acting, acting, acting, and acting. Hehe<br />Acting<br />Swimming<br />music<br />and movies

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  1. I wanna meet Codeoptimist, Jordan, Black Op, Uppy, Java3, and Clodhopper.
  2. Hang out with friends, Listen to music, Watch TV, eat junk food, play computer, do schoolwork, go to sleep. That's about it.
  3. I didn't even know he had twins. How old are they? Have you seen them in person? I have a friend who's met one of the Barlow girls.
  4. That is totally cool. How did you come to meet Tobymac? Btw I think his son is 8. @ Arg: I'm 11
  5. I think the English language RULES\ROCKS! That's my opinion. It's harder to lean French.
  6. Skiing is okay but I hardly ever go because I don't have a ride. but I doLOVE ice skating.
  7. @ Paal_101: I like Nedd for Speed 2 underground, Age of Empires 1 and 2, and midtown madness. I don't know awhole lot about it but I do think it will be a cool game. Isn't Jason Bishop part of the team? @dathui: I like classicl and a little bit of rock. I sort of like Tobymac. I think its really cute when his little kid sings. Besides we have the same name. Btw I think dogs are really lame and cats rule!
  8. Hi my name is Trueitt I know Java3 in person and I know Uppy over the internet. I love to listen to music and watch TV .Sportage type things like gymnastics and basketball interest me. Hey! I got a life to live. Good one too. I like Tobymac and Matt damon alot. i aslo like to read. I like action movies too.
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