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  1. Wow! You guys have some pretty sweet suites but I have to say that Bernd's is the coolest!
  2. Congrats, Matty! It's nice not to have you around. Lol. I'm kidding!
  3. I ran for my life!!!! Record timing too. Actually, just tonight I was almost attacked by two dogs! It was creepy! I thought they were going to bite me because the white dog had his entire mouth around my leg and started like not really nibbling but I guess you would say sucking. I ran for my life though!!!! It happened only a block away from our house which is a good thing. Not too far to run! Anyway, I don't think that is the scariest thing that's ever happened to me but it scared me pretty badly!
  4. What do you mean? Like, are you asking which meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) do we most perfer?
  5. These guys are so awesome! Check it out! If you go a little way down you will see something that says "shorts". My favorite are "Mother's Day", "Just Wonderful", "Two Scoops", and "The Good Word". After that they start not getting funny. Tell me what you think!
  6. Aw, that is so cool! I know lots of my friends were jumping up and down screaming when they graduated. Happy days!
  7. Wow! You must be inshape! Do you do it for fun or is that like your living?
  8. I did half a mile Sunday and it took me a long time! I honestly don't know. I'm not that much of a runner and I've never timed myself. I do know it would take me over an hour to run five miles.
  9. Weird! I wouldn't ever dream of going to so many places!
  10. Do they always have to have a celebrity involved in these things?
  11. I don't really know. I don't think I've ever had anyone ask me for money because as Zezar said, most of my friends are rich. I spend a lot of money on clothes because I know my parents can't afford it but that's really all I spend money on.
  12. 1. An actress. 2. Professional swimmer (Maybe go to the Olympics.). 3. Play piano for movie scores.
  13. Geez, Joe, you really lay in to em'! Hahaha. Welcome! You sound just like my brother.
  14. Hey Egel, how did you find WFG?
  15. Wow! Sweet name! *sigh* Why did my parents have to name me "Abigail". Welcome, Alexander Constantinos Leonidas!
  16. Corey! It seems that you and my brother have a lot in common! I hope you enjoy WFG. Schucks, it's a great place.......
  17. Hey Drew! Always nice to have a new member!
  18. Hey Ian ( That is one of my favorite names ever!), welcome aboard!
  19. Hey Yamato!! Welcome to the um, site thingy! Glad you are here.
  20. Hey guys! This is Abi (as Im sure you all know) Sorry about ,y terrible spelling and punctuaction. The keyboards in France are very different fro, the ones in America and makes it hard and hazardus to type. So yup! I finally got acess to a computer at my uncles house. Thank goodness! I was about to go insane! I got to meet my fam that lives in France. That was really cool. I cant speak French well but I am learning. Ny cousins and I mainly do gestures and the such. I think the think I sat the most is (forgive my spelling!!!) Je ne compre pas la Francais, Quai, qnd Ques qu to fais. I went to Paris this morning with Joe and my mom and we walked a lot! Very fun though! I have yet to see the Eifell Tower. I am staying at my Grandmas house zhich is about 15 min away from Paris. Im really tired fro, the jet lag! I gotta go to a Market for the first time. Dang! I gotta go. BYE WFG. Ill try to keep you posted best I can!
  21. No you don't!!!!!!! You spend WAAAAAY more than that! I dunno how long I spend on the computer. Quite a bit. You don't get a headache from the computer!!!! (Trust me guys, he's my brother. He would spend all day infront of the computer!!!)
  22. Oh! I learned this when I was learning latin but I forgot it. I remember seeing it in "Gladiator".
  23. Aw, you don't have a great family? I'm sorry. :sad:
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