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  1. Ah, ur probably right, thx 4 correcting me... ''If a man does his best, what else is there?''
  2. ''Man is the problem, no man, no problem!'' Joseph Stalin @Randy: Tested the expansion for CoD?
  3. That must b the most hilarious backflip I've ever seen!
  4. I don't believe in it either... Like Valahiru said: I think love at first sight is more of lust really... BTW cool avatar Mythos!!!!
  5. Wha? It up on the main site?? *Checks!* @Curu: OK OK I'll update it!
  6. Hey, its not a problem, not at all... But VkMod seems to prefer the other banner so I don't c a reason to update the 2. one yet....
  7. Oops, well sry bout that, not the biggest change excactly but I'll do it if requested (Since the bunch at VkMod wasn't to kean on this one)
  8. Actually it IS 0ad on the banner, 's just the font that's a bummer
  9. Copy that, Huang, easy editings... Will check it out later...
  10. IM, definately! Like mentioned, u cn think about what ur gonna say!
  11. Wasn't there a earlier commercial thread? Ah well... There's one where a man drops his bowling ball down a hill, it heads for a man crossing the road so he whistles to warn him, unfortunately the man thinks it's a football so he runs to meet it and they cut the scene just before he's about to kick it. It ended with ''Time to check ur sight?'' or something like that. Tho it doesn't get the same telling it as watching it....
  12. A mixture I think... Countryside cn b good for relaxin and stressing out... But gets boring in the length IMO... Hustle and bustle of city life 's where I live (And got my PC) so I prefer home, sweet home!
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