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  1. Arg, I agree that most Americans are dumb. However, this little ritual is a relatively harmless example of our stupidity. Cute little rat isn't he?
  2. What?! Strong Bad rules! Anyway, Homestar is hilarious, I agree. But Strong Bad provides the wittier side of the site's humor.
  3. Yes! Wohoo! I love Homestar! Well, I like Strong Bad a lot more actually. He's pretty much the coolest pretending-to-be-cool guy I've ever seen. I learn a lot about pretending to be cool from him. Hahaha
  4. Uppy's 1337, even if she doesn't know it. And I have teh 1337^1337, not to brag or anything but it's true. As soon as I get Mathematica 5, I'm gonna let you know exactly what that number is. EDIT: Here we go... I'm about that 1337.
  5. The pilot? I'd be even more freaked out to be sitting on the beach or in the water and have a 747 come hurtling at me right over my head! Dang, that's intense
  6. Ooh yeah way cool. I have a flag in my room, with a red dragon on a white and green background i think. it's pretty cool
  7. Yeah, that'd be a great idea...However, we wouldn't be admitted into the United Nations if we take over Antartica...but who needs the UN?
  8. Mine's Rolls-Royce gotta love the class and style Suicide Doors Front Exterior - Grill Side Exterior - Miracle Whip Phantoms and Silver Shadows are the best in my opinion. But for a realistic car choice, BMWs are the best. A customized one will come up soon.
  9. Everyday, I ride my bike about three quarters of a mile to school. That wakes me up and keeps me in pretty good condition. I also try to get to taekwondo at least 2 or 3 times a week. And if I feel particularly out-o-shape, I'll do some situps, pushups, or pullups at home on the weekend. Yeah, I look pretty good because of it
  10. This would sound crazy for an American hormone-charged teenager like me but I hardly ever look at the body. I'm most often concerned with the face, like eyes and smile. A little extra tummy, chest and bottom is a plus of course but not the most important
  11. Hm...tricky. I've never put icicles up higher than a 10 foot ceiling, so I don't have a hieghts issue. I would think to string/spread them out on the ground. So as you put them up, have a friend keep them taut so they don't entagle each other. I don't know if that'd work but it's the best I got...
  12. As far as "cause" and "because" I use the apostrophe because it's better than a sloppy slang "coz" or "cuz" It isn't grammatically correct, it's pure slang. Comes from pronunciation in our dialogue and such. Anyway, on Halloween I was Flava Flav. I had the clock and everything, so fly... No one even knew who I was, so disappointing.
  13. I agree totally with Uppy. I don't know why she has the same paragraph twice, but it's true. People who want to fit in appeal to each other's sex drive and people who don't want to fit in just conform to a different group. So stupid. Anyway, I have one and spend entirely too much time on it http://www.myspace.com/tumbleweed_ngt Like Desmond said, feel free to add me.
  14. Pretty funny song with the music from Gwen Stefani's "Bananas" song. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4...Girl&time=10000
  15. Haha, no problem. But, you still the King of Google, D.
  16. Haha, that was great. I'm sarcastically content to have them responsible for the rescue and reconstruction of New Orleans and its citizens. Hey, King, remember who found that .GIF, eh?
  17. That's crazy. You know, while I feel bad for the guy, I think this is a valuable lesson: Pay your bills. The IRS aren't the only ones who'll come after you.
  18. Yes, Good Evening, 6 50 PM Pacific Time and it's a lovely night...
  19. Yay! Down with the phishers! That's one good thing our governor has done
  20. December 4th Which happens to be Sean Carter's birthday, I just noticed.
  21. Haha, that's quite a fat feline thur. I thought mine was big... Okay, this one's gotta pervasive (a lot) language and sexual content. http://www.collegehumor.com/movies/1609056/ Let's see you resist that...
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