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  1. I wish I could sleep in at least one of my classes, but I cant. When it comes to something like doing things on my own time that I actually enjoy no, sleep has nothing on me… I could be up for 2 days straight!! (An example would be working on computers, usually I will stay up as long as needed to get the job done.) Heh -The Prophet
  2. I sleep in any position usually except on my stomach I just CANNOT do that. Weird....
  3. Yea, I havent been here for a while!! Back on topic: The age where you basicly get to do anything you want or AKA become a "legal" adult is 21....thats why its connected with me being 17 as of now. (Well its really 18, but you dont get to do everything till 21) I dont really know all of the details though.(
  4. Probably Germany. I plan to go after high school. I will probaby stay there for a long time. I have been there before, and I loved it. Wo ist das Bier? -The Prophet
  5. There are 3 kinds of people in this world....people who can count, and people that can't. -The Prophet
  6. Nobody else wants to post anything? --The Prophet
  7. In almost every case I would say Mercedes-Benz. but I think Ferrari would also look nice. --The Prophet
  8. Welcome to the forums man! Enjoy your stay!! --The Prophet
  9. Give me city life! I love it. I could not live in the country for too long. Not because of the animals in the country or the modern technology in the city I just like the atmosphere in the city better. -The Prophet
  10. I toss anything I dont need. "Toss" meaning give away or throw away. The reason I do this is because then I can never have a clean room if i dont get rid of things. (There are always things coming in my room if i dont balance the stuff then it gets not so clean.) -The Prophet
  11. I have 2 cars. My first car is a 1984 Mercedes-benz 280 SE. (German model that was never made in America, So we had to go to Germany to get it.) My second car is a 1987 Mercedes-benz 420SEL. Yes, I am a Mercedes-benz fan. That attachment is my the same model , but nicer. I will eventually do all that stuff to my car. (the 420 SEL)
  12. I am a rule keeper ,but sometimes its ok to break rules. One reason that I like rules is it keeps everything in line. -The Prophet
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