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  1. I've been following this game on and off for years, and just decided to try out the Alpha a few days ago. I have to say I'm extremely impressed with what I've seen so far. The only thing I can think of to suggest, is to make it so that the walls can connect to each other, but I'm sure this has been suggested before. I look forward to the next release
  2. If I remember right, I think it costs around $800
  3. I remember seeing this on Ripley's a few years ago
  4. Voted 1, but my time may be kind of limited soon, since I have my own mod for Red Orchestra, and I'll be going to college in less than two weeks. I can always test, and can do some modeling (3ds max, blender). I've been here 3 or 4 years, I figure I should do something.
  5. How about, how do you organize the 600+ (I think) pages of the Design Document, what goes in there to make it that long, how does team structure work and the like. I like game designing so I'm curious as to how it all really works.
  6. The Ski Warrior could just be used in a campaign or scenario. That's if you plan to do one with the Sweds.
  7. Good to see the rock paper scissor system out the window. And for pikes loosing to calvary, I'll assume this means they are hit from behind? If yes, it'll add so much to gameplay, with actual strategy in game.
  8. You scored as Hadrian. You are the great emperor Hadrian. Not only great for the fact that he didn't mess something up, but he relentlessly administered the empire and set viable borders. Art, cultivation and wisdom mark your reign. The fact that you prefer the boys really helps with the wise handing over of the purple to only the most qualified. Hadrian 82% Augustus 71% Antoninus Pius 61% Marcus Aurelius 54% Domitian 50% Nerva 46% Claudius 43% Vespasian 39% Trajan 36% Nero 36% Tiberius 32% Vitellius 29% Commodus 14% Caligula 0%
  9. I think I broke my big toe once, it look a little different from the other one. I was playing handball and had to run to the wall, I slipped a few feet in front of it and my foot went straight into the brick wall. I'm always hurting myself, but never anything too serious. Elbows and wrists always hurt from a fighting class I go to (BJJ, wrestling, boxing, and other various things) Knees constantly bruised from it too. And I did catch and accidental head but right under the chin while boxing. The persons head hit my jaw hard enough to make both ears pop, and make my whole jaw lopsided for a few days. Loads of other stuff like that, but again, nothing serious.
  10. Which ever one it is, everyone is a winner. It's probably a gameplay video.
  11. After messing around with the forum skins, I can't seem to get back to the old/default blue and white background. The option isn't in the forum skin selector.
  12. 678 faces, might be a little too high. I can still get rid of some hidden faces to maybe cut it down to 600ish
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