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Gameplay issue: Booming = Turtling


Should female citizen gather rates be increased?  

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  1. 1. Should female citizen gather rates be increased?

    • No. They are fine as they are.
    • They should have equal gather rates to citizen soldiers.
    • They should have greater gather rates than citizen soldiers.

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21 hours ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

We should do a really big mods, which we all agree with.


"Balance Mod community"

Very good idea. Let's get started: which points have we decided to change and how?

I think I can easily merge a few of my mods to make a big community one. 

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We were discussing on a similar matter on another thread called ´Balancing Citizen Soliders (long shot)´

21 minutes ago, LetswaveaBook said:

As I see things, we allready have the tools for creating booming/rushing/turtling gameplay

Booming: the unit that does this are women.

Turtling: This can be done by building towers and citizen soldiers.

Rushing: This could be done by cavalry or p2 champions.

I made this comment a then thought a little deeper. Currently the focus is to much on making citizen infantry. They cost proportionally most wood. The other options cost proportionally more food.  So if we want to encourage the other options, I would suggest reduce wood gathering by a little (-10% or so) and increase food gathering(faster farming/cheaper farms/ cavalry carry capacity). Any thoughts on this?

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