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  1. Hi, scouting is essential for 1v1. Furthermore as a basis an okish economy is important (no res flowing, tec timing, not get housed, enough production buildings, balance of food and wood income). See also from ValihrAnt https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/62720-challenge-to-reach-100-pop-in-the-shortest-time/ Do not fight in formation and not in range of a fort / CC.
  2. For Champ Cav I would like an increase of resources of 2 per unit, so: 1st unit: 150 Food // 80 Wood // 100 Metal 2nd unit: 152 Food // 82 Wood // 102 Metal 50.unit: 250 Food // 180 Wood // 200 Metal
  3. 0ad hat 3 Schadenstypen: Stich (Fernkampf), Hieb (Nahkampf), Stoß (gegen Gebäude). Folgende Einheiten sind in unterschiedlichen unvollständigen Kombinationen in den 0ad Zivilisationen vorhanden: Also Ja, der Typ des Schaden von Wurfspeer und Bogen ist der selbe, die Rolle und damit Nutzbarkeit unterschiedlich.
  4. Great, please add a shared resource option above 300 so me can build a barracks.
  5. Hi, I have tried the a26 pre-release candidate. Tutorial is much better now, great. Here is what I noticed: - When leaving a game the text is bigger than the textbox (see picture) - The new Macedonian wonder is beautiful but huge and hard to place. - Selecting idle units selects the Han Minister (standing around "inspiring" his surroundings) which is a bit annoying. - Selecting wounded units with hotkey (O) did not work - Pigs, cows/water buffalo are no longer available in P1, not a fan of that Thanks to all for your work here
  6. And the replay files are present and located in the respective path/folder of your operating system? /home/user/.local/share/0ad/replays/0.0.25/ C:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\0ad\replays\0.0.25
  7. Yes, I don't find changes as desirable as natural/historical growth. Adding units / features / game mechanics that are based on reality (and the likely trailing changes) I find good. Reworking I find good in exceptional cases (when something really disturbs). The current form of the specification does not bother me, I am used to this, there are the advantages mentioned by Player of 0ad and a reason / story for the calculation. As a simplification I find the armor health equivalent of nescio good but visually not desirable.
  8. And where do these strange percentages come from, xd? The mod of nescio I find the most useful. Otherwise, please do not change anything xd.
  9. When I imagine a line of archers in a battle, they fire arrows at an area. If the other ranged fighters are sighted, an area with as many people as possible is bombed with arrows. The area corresponds to the seen or assumed position of the enemy ranged fighters. Translated I think an area is selected. The arrows are shot at individual ranged fighters with an appropriately increased inaccuracy. Most arrows land in the middle of the area (most enemy ranged fighters) and the intensity decreases towards the edge (distribution image). Lumped groups are hit more often, making battle orders more important. When most of the people in the area have died (less than 10 people remain in the area, for example) and the situation becomes confusing or new orders are given, the attack ground is over. I think attackground for archers is a good idea. With spear throwers, I envision direct visible targets and not an area attack.
  10. Battles are exponential, so single units don't really cause any damage, or outnumbered battles (less combat power) cause negligible damage. Against an overwhelming attack, it is best to gain time and minimize your own damage. Fortresses, CC and towers cause simplified area damage while the units quartered there take no damage. Skirmishers, Slingers, Archers (units with little health and little armor) die first in area damage, which usually greatly reduces the fighting strength of the enemy army. Destroying isolated siege weapons protects the buildings and slows down the push. All isolated units (groups) can be targeted. Units capturing buildings can also be targeted (especially by moving units in and out of buildings). Splitting the attention of the opposing player can help. Counterattacks especially with cavalry / siege weapons in the enemy base can be very effective or split the attention very much. Which in turn makes individual units targetable. Under certain circumstances it makes sense to face the enemy army slightly outnumbered in order to reduce their numbers and thus protect your building. It is important to scout and set up outposts in important areas so that there is enough time to react.
  11. Quote: "Don't change the gameplay please. We really need loading of multiplayer matches and better performance instead." (I agree) Why? Because fire cav works well with 30+ units. To demolish buildings 50+ units are advantageous. In short fire cav is a late P3 unit. Iber has a strong eco but no continuous powerspike. Briton and Gaul are the only civs that also only have rams as siege weapons, but have p2 and early p3 powerspikes and good p1 harassment potential. Iber boom can be harassed very well in p1 using cav, especially spear cav. The eco bonus helps with skirmishers and iber is vulnerable to swort cav harassment in p2. Iber food eco can be harassed well by cav archers. I find the iber towers more of a disadvantage because they cost more and are easier to take over due to the larger footprint. The Iber wall secures the food eco but hinders the eco growth, which is why some players tear it down in parts. To really take advantage of the fire cav, a 30+ fire cav and a cav army are recommended. A large material and time investment. As a strong unit in a spearman, swordsman, skirmish army the mobility is far less and the damage potential as well (ford, turret...defenses work). If someone builds up iber fire cav I just use skirm, swort cav to keep the numbers small. The short range of the fire cav is its weakness and means that losses in hp or units will occur. If someone uses that many units for the eco those groups can be overwhelmed or the eco slowed down. If someone is not fighting in early p3, one of the allies can be overwhelmed (doubled) in TG. I think there are enough ways to prevent a larger number of fire cav. Why every unit has to be a copy of another unit and can't stand for itself (unique selling point) I don't understand. An op army after 25+ minutes in the game without being harassed I find ok.
  12. Work on your boundaries. Wisdom used to be important (known forever: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7hdUorDU-U). Today, people's focus is outward / on productivity caught in a downward spiral instead of inner freedom. The resulting stress often makes people sick and can be buffered by exercise, antioxidants and restful sleep.
  13. In phase 1 as maury infantry rushing ptol focus fire the slinger, use the longer range for hit and run, surround the enemy units, lots of mico. It is best not to fight, it is not worth it because of the distance to the opponent, because of the inaccuracy and low dps of the archers. Melee units are of little use in this particular scenario. Later swordsmen are essential. Unfortunately 0ad has no attack ground xd.
  14. Feels like quicksand. Would require a lot of balancing (eco, rushing, fighting, ...). Would break cavalry/rushing without rebalancing, which is generally in a very good place right now.
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