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Oh my God, the end of boonGUI? End of an era, and a really, really excellent project.


To be honest, I think boonGUI, more than anything, is what has kept the game interesting for me the last several years. Along with watching vids from Tom0ad and NewbieRush, both of which also make extensive use of boonGUI.

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4 hours ago, sarcoma said:

pinging @Langbart, the author

i think u can get some boongui features with progui and other mods

Yes, I could but that mod comes with other UI changes I don't really enjoy having.

Besides if ProGUI mod is relying on the development of BoonGUI as base, not having that may slow down it's development as well.

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if have used last times

boonGUI ... autociv

nearly without errors.

but sudently many errors if i use

   autociv ... boonGUI

=> if you have errors with boonGUI maybe simple use autociv later. thanks hope it helps


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