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First try moddeling

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Looking good! Want some tips for blender?

When mirroring and doing array duplication on organic structures use the displacement modified with some white noise on the geometry, will look more hand made.

For textures don't forget to have specular maps and baked normals form a higher resolution model. 

Also you can add a new texture layer on top and use the paint brush with some dirt texture to for example create some dirt and color variation.

The first time will take you some 30 min to learn but after that I should become quick.

I don't know how is done with the new interface as I only used texturing in the old one.

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Hello all,

the last few days i've bricked und built thousands of bricks and pieces ...

the reason was: i've found in the www this amazing 3D Temple from Alan Canepa and i decided, this would be my medieval wonder. Even though this is a model with "Extended Commercial License" i would not use this but rebuild it by myself. If you compare the models, yes, my model is absolute not so fine as the original, but i'm happy with this.

All pieces are made by myself except the statue's: they are also under CC0 License and are created by Daniel74

The next step is to build a lowpoly model from this, because the Blend-file is absolute too big ...B) - it would never find the way to 0ad als DAE ...

So, here are some pic's:

First the Original:


and here the my try:










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