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camels instead horses (sele)


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The jav cav represent the Persian cavalry contingent of the Seleucid army. Persia was a significant contributor to Seleucid cavalry arm. The Agema cavalry as well as Hetairoi would eventually be comprised primarily of Hellenized Persians. Additionally, they provided national contingents of light cavalry, which is why the jav cav are Persian horse cavalry in-game.

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2 hours ago, Stan` said:

It's hard to keep track of everything DE does so if someone wants an actor to be updated from there just let me know the name of the actor and the reason EA's is incorrect :)

It's a matter of civ design actually. DE's jav cav is Persian Light Cavalry, while EA's is Greek-style Militia Cavalry. Both are attested, it's just DE chooses to go with more ethnic diversity in this case. DE actually keeps the Militia Cavalry as a unit trainable from the Military Colony, while putting the Persian Light Cavalry into the Stable. The Persian Light Cav in DE just use copies of actors from the Persian civ. Copies for future differentiation, as was the original suggestion. 

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Camel troops (as opposed to transport camels) used by the Seleucids are attested on one occassion, the Battle of Magnesia in 189 BC. They were Arab auxiliaries (and not that effective either) and described because of their unusualness. Replacing Seleucid cavalry with camels is not really representative.

On the other hand, I don't know of any occassion where the Ptolemies fielded camel troops, yet they are a starting unit in game.

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@Hidan already made a thread like this:

For the sake of satisfying them, why not create an Atlas-only Nabatean skirmisher with the same stats as the mercenary Blemmye ones?

The unit icon for the Seleucid cavalry skirmisher needs to be changed though, currently it's a re-use of the Achaemenid Median cavalry. Persian, not Hellenistic.

A bit off-topic, but from the recent changelog the Odrysian skirmishers and Thessalian lancers for Macedonian faction has been reverted to their old icons instead of changing their teamcolor texture to green.

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