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Do You Drink Or Smoke ?

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A, B and C. Well I used to do C very moderatly, not anymore. It's not bad or anything but you better don't touch it. I've seen enough people doing it too much, it's not worth it you know.

Don't have any problems with alcohol, but that's just the mentality around here you know. We grow up with it, and most people just consider it like something normal.

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I don't drink (don't have a problem with it though, in a controlled manner, just don't like it ;)), don't smoke (have an aunt who does....not healthy at ALL, her family is always sick), and I don't smoke, sniff, inject, drink, chew, dissolve, or eat strange substances bought in dark alleys from people whom I would never want to invite to my local street fight :brow:

I'm 18 BTW, so technically I can drink and smoke and stuff. But I just don't, I don't even drink coffee :D I get my jolt from orange juice in the morning

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A - Mostly mixed drinks at restaurants during dinner and very rarely at some parties I get drunk. There's no sense in getting "wasted" IMHO. I'd rather remember how much fun I had and how much the alky helped. LOL

B - Tried a few times. Hated it. My mother smoked all through my childhood and I hated it then too.

C - Did Wacky Tobbacy 4 or 5 times. I made everyone laugh because I told them I could feel my vertebrae compressing (it relaxes your back muscles). When on that stuff, everyone's a comedian. I quit after a bad hit sent me to the floor and I thought I was going to die. The room was spinning and everything. Don't know what happened, because the other two people were fine. Maybe I hit a seed or something. :brow: Anyway, won't touch the stuff again, even though the previous 4 times were good.

I'd have to say that although I won't do B or C ever again, I wouldn't pass some law forbidding someone to do them in the privacy of their own home and I do not understand how any red blooded American would support such laws.

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A... I have the regular friday night brewskies with mi mates at local ale-house :brow: ... and some more than that at occasions and parties... never smoke though, did at parties for a while, but decided to give that up completely...

I'm 18 btw, and that's the legal drinking age in Sweden...

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