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    Aok 0ad/raw

    Thx guys When I have a little free time I will turn some figures into AOK animated units
  2. SUD

    Aok 0ad/raw

    I made new renders for all the figures, so for the older ones just go back in the post pages, I uploaded the new files with the same name. The new ones are these: Praetorian (jaguar warrior) Macedonian phalangite (pikeman) Gallic Cavalry (cavalier)
  3. SUD

    Aok 0ad/raw

    Just to let you know, I have more figures in my pocket
  4. From the many times the Rohan theme is played in TTT and ROTK, IMO the best of the best is when charging in the Pelennor, but actually it's not in the ROTK soundtrack, how lame..
  5. Chichi arent... breasts... isnt, because it's not a plural word , it's singular and it means something else not breast, it's a tough word --> p....y (sorry moderator )
  6. Oh my! Edit: Here it is http://usuarios.lycos.es/middleearth/stfu/...mpagemarket.bmp
  7. I will become global dictator and rule the world with an iron fist
  8. http://www.badmovies.org/movies/2evildead/index.html
  9. If the Evil Dead trilogy counts I go for it, absolute cult classic directed by Sam Raimi (Spiderman). The guy with the chainsaw and shotgun is so much funny <_
  10. MANUEL m English, Spanish, Portuguese Pronounced: MAN-yoo-el (English), mawn-WEL (Spanish), mawn-oo-EL (Portuguese) Short English form of EMMANUEL, as well as the Spanish and Portuguese normal form. This was the name of two kings of Portugal and two Byzantine emperors EMMANUEL m Biblical, French, English Pronounced: e-man-WEL (French), e-MAN-yoo-el (English) Means "God is with us" in Hebrew. This was the foretold name of the Messiah in the Old Testament. GOD IS WITH US??? * tempts to change name *
  11. Oh yes, I remember which one was, it was not Metallica but Marduk, which is quite worse And also with glasses
  12. You guys look like brothers, no kiddin Btw, DA you look indeed a lot like one of my French cousins
  13. I started today, again. I hate my Animal Physiology teacher soooo much, she goes so fast that we call her (in Spanish) "motorĂ­n" which means "little motor", she goes at incredible speed! I copy about 3 full pages in her 50 min class, which is a lot. Oh, did I forget that she is scary ugly, too?
  14. Hey Klaas, was it one with a Metallica Tshirt? I cant remember which one I sent And thx again guys, though I would like there were some girls around to opine if I am ugly or not haha OMG, there are some real freaks in that page, Khazun ! I was going to bed right now but now there is high risk of nightmare
  15. Thx LOL Wijit, I didnt say goth!! I said I was leaving my hair longer and dressing in black, which I sometimes do but not so far like a goth!
  16. And well, this is ...SUD, finally!! I am ugly, I know I know http://usuarios.lycos.es/middleearth/stfu/Manuel2.jpg
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