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  1. Hi guys, I made a new website - http://stop-the-smoking.com. A website about how to best stop the smoking, which will feature some nice surveys, tools and good content. Anybody willing to write an article or two? Personal experience articles would be very cool. Anyone?
  2. Hi all, I made a new website, a blog about coding practices in php. http://php-coding-practices.com What do you think of the design? The layout and the content? There are still some articles unfinished, but I am working on them.
  3. That's a good suggestion. If the AI is still strong enough, that would definately be better if it didn't know what you were doing.
  4. Are there any new wishes related to the AI?
  5. It's the one with the name Wildfire Games *
  6. Bernd, awesome! How much did you pay for that if I may ask?
  7. Hrm amybe her email adress is blacklisted on ou server. Welcome aboard!
  8. Checked the code for the spam bot code generation and it is okay. Also ran 5 test cases and got past the security means. Maybe you just got a very unreadable code version? I reckon the 'y' is sometimes hard to read. Maybe we should make it slightly more readable?
  9. For me it was 3 years ago - 100 metres in 11.65 seconds. How fast can you run?
  10. Let's check up on where everybody goes. By the way - the puter as an answer doesn't count.
  11. Having my English Final Oral Exam on Friday and therefore I am in need of such a list. Some cool words to include into your talk in order to raise the listeners' impressions of my skills... Thanks a bunch for any help.
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