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  1. 0 A.D. Image Galleries fixed. 0 A.D. "Latest X" features on home page fixed. 0 A.D. Website Comments system fixed.
  2. Dunno Jas, will look into this. News: All "disappeared" forum accounts work again. (there were 4 of them)
  3. Fixed the Member Names, they now link to the profile again. Signature Images aren't displayed anymore.
  4. Yes, all posted attachments, avatars and all that have to be reuploaded. It's almost 4 Gigabytes alltogether and the upload has been lasting for a couple of hours already. I think all will be up this evening. What member accounts got deleted? Don't get what you mean. Regarding the QUick Edit button: I have no idea why it is not there. It's not that it does not show up with the wfg skin, it doesn't show up for the 2.1.0 default skin either. Must be an error there, weird.
  5. Yup, I am. Berrys, can you please list all screens that display improperly for you?
  6. How come this "Ad block" button shows up for you? Are you using any features of the Web Developer Plugin for Firefox?
  7. Yep it isn't. There are lots of small things I will have to fix the next days. I am veryt hankful for any help (in finding out about malfunctions). One of the worst problems is the lack of the reputation system. However, all data is saved. The Group colors are back now.
  8. All topics are set as unread - can't change that sorry. simply mark the forums as read. The WFG .ico thing is gone - fixed Images in sigs are visible - TODO Smily area has scroll bars - yep, that's how IPB 2.1.0 handles it The instant BBCode bar (located right above my insert thingy) is too long - fixed; now with cool icons Color of the Reply page is different - yep, that's how it is now Group colours disappeared - TODO Fast edit is missing - TODO yes, alas, will have to redo it sometime soon Joined: is on the wrong place - fixed Can't edit my profile/sig/avatar - fixed
  9. Yep, most of these things are modifications I coded myself, which are now gone since the forums are upgraded. I guess they will slowly come back. Let me fix the 0 A.D. site now first.
  10. How about [\b]This is escaped BB code[\/b] ?
  11. Okay, quote issue fixed. BB Code was simply turned off for this forum.
  12. Heyas, welcome aboard. I remember you from DGDN, where I was 2nd Head once.
  13. Will work on the quotes and on some ideas.
  14. Yeah sure, any particular ideas for contests?
  15. Yeah that's true, there were some problems that made the crier disappear, for example that with MotM and GotM being adjusted to MotQ and GotQ (Member of the Quarter and Guardian of the Quarter) it would lack a bit of content. That means it would only contain the Community Summary and the Games Progress Summary. We should probably add a few more bits to make it interesting. We depend on you guys' suggestions, so what do you think? Some extra monthly screenshot, developer interviews, what do you think?
  16. The internet offers so many kinds of services and products. My question for you guys today is whether you have at anytime been looking for something on google that you couldn't find or any kind product/service you would like to be able to enjoy.
  17. Welcome aboard, Rex. I like your modellings, good luck with your application.
  18. Hi all, my French teacher asked me to prepare a talk about Eugène Ionesco. Wikipedia.de, the German version of the wikipedia encyclopedia holds tons of information about him - wikipedia.fr does not however. I have only two days time, so I cannot manage to translate everything from the German wikipedia version. Is any of the French Community Members aware of some good French sources of infroamtion about Mr. Ionesco? Thanks a lot in advance - a few rep points are on offer.
  19. Do you have any screenshots? I don't quite get what you mean.
  20. All noted down. Not sure about the chat room...
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