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  1. Guys could you please stay aware of the actual topic. Start a new thread if needed. Thank you.
  2. Hi everybody. We will use this thread to list all the Forum Features that the Community wants. Just add yours here, I will add it to this very post here. ------------- 1.) PHP Tag: A php bb code tag that highlights php code. 2.) Group PMers: The ability to send a PM to an entire group.
  3. Yeah, because there are currently too few active members from whom to choose. ;-( We would have the basically the same MotM every second month. It will come back soon though.
  4. As I said, I didn't regard it as anything other than a joke.
  5. Fede's been moved to the Retired Group for now.
  6. I love this type of humor. I am always at big-boys for my daily humor videos.
  7. Hrm well, if it's their policy and he knew about it then he has no chance.
  8. Yeah, I guess so. I took no offense anyway. But thanks Bobbo, I like your looks too, Neo.
  9. Nice one. Wow, 3 times the distance of Pluto, now we won't reach that anyway anytime soon.
  10. Hrm, I just change the lighting and the contrast a bit. I don't edit pimples and stuff out. Tss Tss.
  11. Hello Manuel, welcome aboard. Good to have one from Italy here ... I have been there twice already - once in Rimini (school trip! ) and once in Venetia (awesome city). My name is Tim, but you can call me Timbo. Together with my Community Guardians I hold the community part of the Wildfire Games fort. In my real life I am currently a student in Berlin/Germany - it will be my last year before I will apply to an university. Welcome again.
  12. Now you shouldn't brag with that, Carlos. It wasn't funny at all.
  13. LoL. Actually I put that color to them in photoshop. It just looks better IMO.
  14. Here is one more of me...because Uppy can't post one.
  15. Hey Shane. What do you do in your freetime apart from studying for college?
  16. Good stuff Chris, keep it coming. If you want to convert all smilies I would be very thankful. Maybe you could zip them up and send them over per email. By the way, how do you do those? From scratch?
  17. Nice, our print pr actions pay back. Welcome aboard David, nice to have you here. What other RTS games are you playing / have you played? Make yourself home here - if you have any question or problem, ask a Community Guardian or me. Cheers, mate!
  18. Hi Mike, welcome aboard. I like your nice new blue coat here on the forums.
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