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  1. This is a whoever-gets-the-last-post thread, meaning that you need to reply to raise this thread up again. Our mission is to always be on top of all other threads. After a certain period of time (not defined yet) when we achieved our aim, the thread will be closed. Come on everybody we have some goals to achieve !
  2. Hey, just seeing who has the cooleset signature on WFG I've seen some good ones.. post member's names.. or post here so everyone can see! It's maybe too early to post such a thread as there aren't many forumers yet, but we can continue this thread. I just made mine, what do you think ?
  3. Hey probably there are only few people here who drive a car, but then just list the car of your parents. Thing is, I just want to know it all. My parents drive a Ford Fiesta green and a VW Passat fog-blue, incredible what things they have put into this car.
  4. Probably all of us used the common KaZaa or similar technologies. While I did it rather often a year ago I stopped now for several reasons, which I will list later. When do you go out to get a certain CD on the internet rather than buy it yourself ? Keep them comming guys.
  5. In a continuing reversal of the debacle and monumental merger that created the company AOL/Time Warner, the board of directors voted yesterday to drop AOL from the official corporate name and start trading under their old NYSE ticker TWX instead of AOL. This follows a massive loss by the company of almost $2 Billion dollars last related to the merger and massive losses for the ISP and software divisions. Earlier this year, the board/major shareholders removed and replaced everyone who was involved with AOL before the merger including the CEO at the time Steve Case. A few months ago, they shuttered the Netscape division after signing a indefinate contract to use Microsoft's Internet Explorer technology in their proprietary software. Only thing left would be a complete divestiture of the AOL internet access division to put the company back on track. We'll see if it happens though. http://wireservice.wired.com/wired/...&storyId=783120
  6. You've known him for some time, and over the last few months you notice that whenever he talks to you, there is an odour like the liquid dregs at the bottom of a trash can that's been left to fester in the contents of its own juices for several weeks. You know it isn't something he can easily do something about, because you know he's very hygeinic, so what do you do?
  7. Not everything works correctly yet. For example, look in your MyControls and turn the Fast Reply Button on automatically. Fast Reply is really great.
  8. Roflmao ! *now gets out of the porn forum* *sigh* Maybe rename it from "18+" to "mature forum" ? You guys know I can't live without watching civ-on-civ LIVE !
  9. Well no you wouldn't. To get an idea of what people would talk about check here: http://dynamic.gamespy.com/~aoe/forums/cgi...i?ubb=forum;f=4 The idea about saloon/pub/bar is what I like very much.
  10. Ahaha. Well yeah, we could name it, "The Dark Corner", or so.
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