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  1. Isn't it post a fact about the previous poster? I meant about the person above you, being your boss (fy ou have any). Changed the topic title so it becomes clear.
  2. Thanks Chris, adjusted it. Too bad you need to login to read the DGDN forums. Is there somebody else who has a link to wfg in their sig? This would really interest me as well.
  3. Ok, let's try this. Post something about the person above you, I'll start. -> does the Jason-dance very often in front of the WFG staff
  4. Welcome Bryan! WHat are you good at? Maybe you like Webdesign? I sure could need another hand with that, so you could be directly involved maybe.
  5. Yeah I think that too! I have been to Rimini twice and it was awesome!
  6. Yes, this is quite an unusual topic, but it interests me. For me this is definately the bum, dunno why.
  7. Maybe. Oh about the oo php / design patterns site, Klaas, keep your eyes open during the next weeks.
  8. You know when you are out with friends and it's time to leave and you say goodnight to them? Or you meet them in the morning and you say good morning to them? Well...good morning boys and gals.
  9. Jeffrey, my msn is currentl screwed up I have to reinstall it. Hang on a bit. I am on another comp now since my real one's mainboard died. Please send your msn contact via pm.
  10. Maybe he could explain a bit how he made it? I suppose with 3DS Max..
  11. Welcome aboard! How do you get such a nickname?
  12. Hrm well I could walk into the admin cp and check the ratio of new member registrations the last months. But I think that would count as cheating. I think it will be at the end of november - lets say November 30th.
  13. Alright guys, since I won't be punished for that (the state lawyers just sent me a letter) I iwll tell you the story: About 4 weeks ago I took my Elven knive to one of my friend's houses. It is about 15 inches long. It looks awesome, but very dangerous. A top notch infantry weapon so to speak. I just took it there to show him. In the night, I was pretty drunk, I went back to my house walking (about 3 miles). It was very dark, no people on the street. Even though I was awefully drunk I was quite scared. I took my knive out of my back and kept in my hand hiding it within my sweatshirt. I was walking past a petrol station when (that's what the police told me later) the owner of the station got attacked by a man with 15 inch knive. He died later in hospital due to his severe inner injuries. I didn't see any of this. 10 minutes later a car was driving by. It stopped 20 metres in front of me. I hid the knive even more careful. 4 guys got out of the car, waiting, smoking. I was like "alright, let's see then". By the time I was only 10 metres away they started running towards me. They punched me really hard on sola-plexus (sp?) and I felt down. They took my knive, took out some kind of mobile and spoke "reinforcements, we got him". WTF?? I was there, pretty much drunk, lieing on the street with handcuffs put on and about 3 or 4 police cars were driving by. I was like "alright, now you gonna get into prison". But what had happened? I had no idea - I was so drunk, if someone told me I killed somebody I wouldn't have been able to remember it. I would have believed everything. Some witness of the petrol station incident drive by and told the police offers that "he is not it". I was like "thank you, thank you, thank you!". But still, it's a severe crime to carry a weapon of any sort with you in public. Too bad I had my passport not with me. They thought I was illegally living here. They drove me to my place, woke up my parents - it was 4 am in the morning - I was still quite drunk, crying so much that I could not speak ANY word.. it was a nightmare. When I got into my bed after my parents tried to calm me down a bit (the shouting started the day after) I still cried and thought that all the hard work I had put into school and my career for the past 5 or 6 years was for nothing. One week ago I got a letter stating that the state lawyers do not identify the knive as a weapon (although it really is, I will show you a picture when my camera works again) and thus I can get it back if I want it. My lawyer phoned them up saying I don't want it back. They said they were going to destroy it and I am free. You cannot imagine how lucky I was with this incident. I easily could have gotten into prison for say 1 month or so...
  14. Come on all, lets exchange pictures of our workspaces. How do you work? What does your room look like? What chairs do you sit on? Lets expose ourselves to the crowd. I would start but unfortunately my camera is low on battery. Have to recharge them first. Go go go!
  15. Was again some error due to the forum upgrade. Heyas and welcome aboard!
  16. This sounds like a cool feature, Mabuse. I am sure we could do this.
  17. Ah alright, will have a look. [img left]http://www.wildfiregames.com/~art/hyborian/CivUnits/Roman.jpg[/img left]
  18. Shane, yep some looks are a bit different, for the better I think. I am not sure why remember me does not work for you. Are you sure you have cookies enabled?
  19. What about the poll? Will fix the emoticons and the bb code.
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