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  1. Hey there I've got a interest in warfare mainly from the Saxon era as portrayed in the Warlord series(Bernard Cornwell) one day I hope to create some kind of game in that spirit. Both games being developed here look to have lots of potental so keep up the good work! Thanks SoldierOfTheMany
  2. Traits are random characteristics for individual soldiers. For example Soldier x is a swordsman and has the trait 'strength' so his attack power is stronger then normal. Or maybe he is 'fast' so his attack speed and movement is faster. Other traits could be 'quick learner' or 'poucher'. Maybe rare traits could give large advantages eg 'Heroic', 'Tactical Genius', 'Strength of an Boar' Trait could be random when you first create the unit or Traits could be given to unit that are particulary effective. The idea is to have variety in one type of unit which would also be helped of there was a random name generator
  3. Thanks One more question: How will hits and damage be calculated? ie will attacks always hit in hth combat or will a high ?defence skill? deflect most hits and will damage be random to a certain degree? Realistically speaking it's very hard to hit a spearman or swordsman who has a huge shield but much easier to hit a horseman in melee.
  4. Hi I am expecting this game to have a very simple combat model ie archers beat horsemen who beat infantry who beat archers etc... and different formations which counter each other. My question is how important will formations be? Will a group of cavalry be able to eat its way through a roman shield wall? Will cavalry be able to break a line of spearmen?(in real life cavalry won't even charge home on well formed spearmen) Will units fight together as a company or will it turn into a mob fight, every man for himself, in other words will a formation move and stick together in a fight and perhaps gain large defence bonuses. This isn't my game but Things I would really like to see: Line of sight playin a huge role, not knowing your surrounds should be punished. Archers can only fire if they have line of sight. Archers don't automaticaly hit their target but calculate the targets speed and direction.(will their arrows be realistically effected by gravity?) just like in Myth:TFL for example. A shield wall of heavy Infantry should be highly resistant to attacks along its front from other Infantry, Cavalry but maybe not to arrows rained down from above(volleys) and javlins. Of course height advantages. Hiding in forests, slow speed in forests, Cavalry disadvantages in forest and perhaps no formations allowed while in forests. Other ideas: Cavalry attack bonus while attacking in formation(generally line) Whenever Cavalry attack they generally close the gap slowly and then charged at the last minute so all horses would drive home at the same time. Morale, I hate morale actually, look at RTW's mass panics. But done subtle? Maybe. Again formations would play a huge part in this troops surrounded by friends fight better. Something tells me that morale as in units running away will not play a useful part in this game as there will be too much 1vs1 combats. Cavalry standing still in melee? This really shouldn't happen can they be made to move around while attacking. Thats me.
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