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  1. They'll be paying us tribute in no time.
  2. I'm pretty generous. Of course one would wonder if i knew the value of money aside from the fact that peices of plastic are worthless, except the world revolves around it
  3. *Decapitates History guy with Kopis* Take your "Roma victor" and your crappy gladius else where.
  4. Good, fellow like minded people, such as myself. I frequent Total War center and Middle earth center. And hang around small forums here and there.
  5. I'm going to see it. It looks pretty good. Who doesn't want to see the poor Persian "diplomat" thrown down the well?
  6. Hi person, who wont tell me thier name. Fine RacerX
  7. Hellas. Whom better to go and spank other civilisations back into the stone age?
  8. My names Lachlan or locky, or w/e, i'm 19. i found this site through someone i met on another fourm. I have a passoniate interest in ancient history, espically the Greeks, and most particually, Sparta. Feel free to ask any other questions.
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