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  1. lol, or in other words, instead of playing the game, they'll set up various scenarios and test for bugs. Gameplay testers on the other hand play the game to see if it's balanced, though they'll also report bugs if they find them of course... That's how it usually works I think.
  2. Quality Assurance or something like that IIRC
  3. Think pounds oivi (so rougly 110 kg) I work my abs pretty often, but I need to do more cardiovascular stuff, cause I do absolutely none of that right now I do some lifting as well
  4. I think they're 6 months ahead? I'm not sure though, so don't quote me on that
  5. I thought it was done automatically?
  6. Turns out, we're not at that point yet. Soooo, that means, when we actually get to that point, we'll be contacting the ones who are gonna do the voiceacting If you've got any questions or anything, direct them towards Boris Hansen (aka vaevictis_music), he's head of the sound department
  7. Hey Ykkrosh It's amazing that there are still things made for aoc after 6 (?) years
  8. Some of Tonto's members (sting and real being the most obvious) were involved in the project almost from the start (I believe sting was involved really early and convinced real to join), so I got to know a lot about it from them. I've been checking the forums since a few weeks before the first water demo was released (if anyone can remember that ), though I didn't become involved since when the new forums were established... I'm not sure we have more than say, five members who've been here since the start= That's a guess, but I don't think there are more than that atleast. I think I'm borderline veteran, but that doesn't mean I know much more of the history than anyone else. There are plenty of ways to find out about that besides having been present
  9. In general on large forums I get the feeling that the majority are lurkers, a few post once or twice, and then there are a few who post a lot. While everyone doesn't contribute in the same way, everyone contributes in some way (we'd have a much lower amount of members without the lurkers for example ).
  10. On my ninth. Joined 23rd september last year. Or rather, that was when I joined these forums. I posted a bit over at the old forums too, though I've got no idea when I registered there...
  11. I haven't had a pepsi for so long I can't remember the difference Coke takes the price for me
  12. The same site claims Intel releases a 256 bit processor. Whatever happened to source criticism? When there's a beta you can be sure it'll be announced, and not only on timbo's mockup site
  13. From the review I've read the story has been changed, and pretty dramatically in the end too. Haven't seen it though, nor do I remember much of the legend, so I can't say if it's true... I'll probably watch it in a while, we'll see
  14. I'm no lawyer, but it sounds reasonable...You could mail their webmaster and ask for permission if you wish though.
  15. I would assume the really old one with the house? Can't find it right now though, so you'll have to live without a link
  16. Never used a cheat in any RTS game that I can actually remember... And no, I don't think I'll start either
  17. Time to start cracking that whip again
  18. Yes, we like being a little rough Uh, make that tough
  19. Heh, something like that Basically, mature/wellr-respected/active/etc people are chosen to mod forums they are active in. So if there arises a need for a new guardian in a forum, someone who is active in that forum will be chosen. Sometimes you might be able to apply for a position... So in short; be mature, active and such
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