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  1. Nice Article Paul, although it would be insteresting to see the numbers (especially these suggested by Herodotus) to show how much of an underdog Greek were. The army Xerxes brought to Greece with him numbered @ 1.300.000. (H) Which greatly ounumbered Greeks, and during battle of Salamis Persian fleet (Greatly reduced by storms and previous engagements) still outnumbered Greek almost 2 to 1.
  2. Thanks Jason! And right back atcha, the concepts you guys been showing look absolutly professional! And yeah, I think we finally got our art department moving as fast as programming and design, can`t wait to see Elfs and Orcs in-game. Gonna post some screenies here as soon as we do. I think we all are getting bit tired of seeing same old humans on all the screenshots:) Nope, I am guessing we are like twins with Wildfire in our work-habbits. All the work if part-time, not-payed. We would LOVE to work on the DoF fulltime, and during holidays or some summer weeks it actually looks like many ppl from the team are working full-time. One of the main reasons besides us looking for funding, is that it`ll allow us to forget about these low-wage part time job, and spend all our time on finishing DoF.
  3. Hard at work on getting Elfs and Orcs in-game, and somehow we didn`t get to record that video, well, we will soon, but for now here`s what we been up to. Lets start with some Orc units by Asela. Savages and barbarians, Orcs live in deep, remote forests and badlands, in large tribal communities, battling wild beasts and hunting to survive. Orcs are very war oriented civilization. Their worker primary is a melee warrior, and even their portable resource drop-off unit is a powerful battle unit. Many Orc units wield two weapons, both melee and ranged. Orcs are also unique from other 5 races, thus they employ many different creatures and beasts in their army. From huge Ogres to tiny, sneaky Goblins, and lets not forest the forest beasts. Here are a few concepts: We expect to have all Orcs in-game by the end of June, so expect some in-game Orc screenshots early July. Here`s Orcish Warlord, the toughest and the strongest. Two weapons of choice, many special moves, can even learn few elemental spells. Here is the Ogre Mover, he is used to carry huge quontities of resources from workers back to base. Here we have the Orc Marauder. Armed both with a bow and a scimitar. Here`s is a sneaky Goblin Warrior, Also can become Goblin Archer. Cheap, weak, fast and sneaky. Here we have the Wolfbear rider. Rides one of the Forest beast whom Orcs employ. This forest beast can be used with or without a rider. And now, The Elfs. Most advance, most pure. Unlike any other civilization in the game. Champions of nature, elemental magic. Masters of bows and martial perfections. Bellow are some concepts and in-game Elf buildings. Bellow are several concepts by Michael and in-game object, by Riaan. Elfs live in giant enchanted forests, where trees at 50 men tall. Elf, tree and nature coexist in perfect balance. Here`s a concept on the enchanted tree. Elf buildings are built on the Enchanted Trees, which are sometimes hollow inside, and become something like a large apartment building. Here`s an in-game object, Tree Dwelling (something like human House, a place where a large Elven family would live. Enchanted forest would be a dark place, thus the trees cover most of the light. Tiny spirits, or are they tiny insects? bring light into the darkness. Here`s c concept drawing of Elven Dwelling on a large Enchanted Tree. Expect Elf settlement and Enchanted forest screenshots as early as next week.
  4. haha, Argalius, u beat me to the 1st reply. Yeah, I posted the screens:D
  5. We`ll have a gameplay video out in a day or two, but for now here are some screens from the upcoming video. Oh, and before we get flamed, these screenshots feature old, very simple animations (we have these remade now). The new grass system is not in-yet, so the map is pretty much bold. And map design is far from done (no eye-candy)
  6. Hey guys. Resuming the good old Embassy tradition. And I want to mention that we are very happy to see your progress, course it`s been so long since u guys release any screenshots, and we really didn`t know what was happening with 0ad. And these two screens you posted thus far look very impressive. Best of luck to our sister projects, the revolution of @ home development begins here:)
  7. Hey you guys, nice snow tech. I think they used something like that in Black N White, but their snow didn`t look this good. U guys nailed it. Great work, looking forward to more screens. Just wonder show does this snow effects performance.
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