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  1. Sorry for topping this ancient thread, but do you still need my help on this or are you too early in the development?
  2. Eagerly awaiting that PM.
  3. I'd like a list of words/phrases to upload, since I doubt you'll need the sound of all words on the list I gave you.
  4. conigio at hotmail.com would be great.
  5. That I'm willing to do. Any place I can upload the recordings?
  6. I'm willing to help out with pronunciation but not record my own sounds (sucky mic). Who is the voice actor and how can I contact him?
  7. Rguader, asiya is mill in Persian. My terms were in "pure" modern Persian, since anything else would be quite difficult to find. Sanskrit would be closer though, and if you can translate all words into Sanskrit it would be great, but whatever we do we shouldn't mix and use words from both Persian and Sanskrit. Jangi does not mean soldier. War = Jang or setiz. Pil Jangi = War elephant. The -i suffix is necessary for the grammar in Persian, in this situation. I found some accurate Old Persian names for provinces, better than the ones I gave you before. Persian/English 1. Parsa/Fars - homeland of the Persians; plus the lowland of Anshan (Khuzistan). 2. Uvja/Elam 3. Babirush/Babylonia: modern middle east 4. Athura/Assyria: eastern Turkey, northern Iraq 5. Arabaya/Northern Arabia 6. Mudraya/Egypt; added by Cambyases I. 7. Tyaiy Drayahya/Northern Turkey: 'the lands beside the (Black) Sea 8. Sparda/Lydia: Southeastern Turkey 9. Yauna/Ionian:the same as above 10. Mada/Media: northeastern Iran; Tarsus mountains. 11. Armina/Armenia 12. Katpatuka/Cappadocia: still turkey: central 13. Parthava/Parthia: eastern Iran 14. Zraka/Drangiana: Seistan, eastern Iran 15. Haraiva/Aria: Herat, Afghanistan 16. Uvarazmish/Kwarazm or Chorasmia: lower Amu Darya: Kazakhstan + Uzbekhstan 17. Bakhtrish/Bactria: north of the Hindu Kush range 18. Suguda/Sogdiana: Samarkand region: Afghanistan 19. Gadara/Gandhara: Peshawar: upper Indus: Pakistan 20. Saka or Saca/The steppe country inhabited by the Scythian tribes on the Syr Darya 21. Thatagush/Sattagydia: Kabul: Afghanistan 22. Harauvatish/Kandahar 23. Maka/The desert coast of Makran and Baluchistan in southern Iran +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 24. Putaya/Lybia: nominal rule only 25. Kushiya/Ethiopia: nomilan rule 26. Hindush/The Sind region of lower Indus, Pakistan: nominal rule 27. Karka/Caria
  8. If you want to say like, Bactrian spearman, you can say either "neyzedar balkhi" or "neyzedare balkhi" (add an 'e' to the word before or not, your choice)
  9. Some last minute changes, and I chose not to have the accented A's as many of the vowels back in those days would be pronounced differently than today, especially A's, and I have no idea how they were pronounced back then. Arabian = Tazi (language = Arabi) Aramaean = Arami Archer = Kamandar Armoured = Zerehi Armoured Horse = Aspe Zerehdar Fully Armoured Horse = Aspe Porzereh Assyria = Ashura Assyrian = Ashuri Armoury = Zerehgah Blacksmith = Ahangari Babylon = Babirush Babylonian = Babirushi Bactria = Balkh Bactrian = Balkhi Bireme = Dorade Camelry = Shotorsavaran Cappadocian = Kappadoki Cataphract, Heavy Cavalry = See Armoured Horse, Fully Armoured Horse Cavalry = Aspsavaran Chariot = Chaharcharkhe Cilician = Silisi Corral = Janvargah Cypriad = Kebresi (someone from Cyrpus) Dock = Langargah Farm = Keshtzar Farmer = Keshavarz Fishing Boat = Kashti Mahigiri Fully Armoured = Porzereh Fully Covered = Porpushide Gate = Darvaze Granary = Jowgah Harbour = (See Dock) Heavy = Sangin Horse = Asp Horsekiller = Aspkosh Indian = Hendi Infantry = Piyade Ionian = Yunani (Name for all Greeks, even used today) Javelinist/Javelineer = Zhupinandaz Knight = Gord Lancer = Aspe Neyzedar Light = Sabok Light Cavalry = Aspe Sabok Magus = (See Priest) Man = Mard Mede = Mad Media = Mada Median = Mad (language = Madi) Merchantman = Bazargan Mesapotamian = Miyanrudani Mill = Asiya Orchard = Golestan Outpost = Padgan Palace = Kakh Peasant = Dehgan Persian = Pars (language = Parsi) Phoenician = Finisi Phrygian = Frighi Port = (see Dock) Priest = Mogh Ram = Darvazkub Rider, Horseman = Aspsavar Ship = Kashti Skirmisher = Zhupinandaz Slinger = Sangandaz Soldier = Sarbaz Spearman = Neyzedar Stable = Axor Swordsman = Shamshirdar Temple = Atashkade "the Great" = e Bozorg (eg Dariuse Bozorg) Thrower = Andaz Tower = Borj Trade = Bazargani Trade Ship = Kashti Bazargani Transport Ship = Kashti Adambari Trireme = Serade Three = Se Two = Do Village = Rusta Villager = Rustai Wall = Divar War Elephant = Pil Jangi Woman = Zan or Banu Zoroastrian = Zartoshti
  10. No problem, as I said, just fun.
  11. Kashti Dorade = two-rowed ship Kashti Serade = three-rowed ship You could just remove the Kashti part if you want, because "trireme" probably just means "threerowed" in latin. Or you could say: Kashti Sabok = light ship Kashti Sangin = heavy ship But that doesn't sound very good somehow, I recommend the first choice. Correction from before = stable is âxor Corral = can't think of any word.. and can't find in any dictionary. Jânvargâh is the best I guess (animal place). Gate = darvâze Dock, Port, Harbour = Langargâh Priest, Magus = mogh Temple = âtashkade
  12. I'll give you the rest tonight (Swedish tonight ). It would probably also look better to write č, š and ž rather than ch, sh and zh. Now it's quite messy with all those sh combinations. Your choice.
  13. Acumen, as I said to Wijitmaker I only find it fun to give you these lists. Ask for as many as you want. Camelry - Shotorsavaran Cavalry - Aspsavaran Fishing Boat - kashti mahigiri Javelinist/Javelineer - zhupinandaz or zhupindar Lancer - This would have the same name as spearman.. so I have to think of something else. Maybe we could name one of them "aspkosh", meaning "horsekiller". Merchantman - bazargan Trade - bazargani Trade ship - kashti bazargani Transport ship - kashti kasbar Swordsman - shamshirdar Cappadocian (made a mistake last time) - Kappadoki Babylonian - Babirui Cilician - Silisi Cypriad - Kebresi Median - mad (language = madi) Persian - pars (language = parsi) Phoenician - fenisi Zoroastrian - zartoshti Armoury - Zerehgah Corral - doesn't know what this means Orchard - golestan Outpost -padgan Palace - kax Tower - borj Wall - divar Take in mind that some of this words do not exist in modern Persian (or are very rarely used). I can't even find them in dictionaries, so I have to invent them by compiling different words. Also, this is not ancient Persian- This is quite modern, but I'm only using "pure" Persian words. Dariush-e Bozorg = Dariush the great, add "-e Bozorg". That means "two ship", "three ship". If someone find out what the 'reme' part of trireme means, it would help. I've written the two different kinds of A's there exists in Persian as just "a". If you If you want to use letters like "â" then tell me and I'll give you a new more correct list.
  14. "I'm just having a bad day" "Look to your right, a bird!"
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