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  1. I've never seen a decent translator, I'm guessing we'll have to wait until we've reached a whole other generation of translators. I'm sure google's cooking something up Also clodhopper, yeah Babelfish or any other whole sentece translators I've seen doesn't take romanized Japanese. A converter would be a cakewalk, although then you're facing the problem with the fact that there's so many homonyms in Japanese, and the converter wouldn't know which words you were saying (because in speach it is only decided by context and in a minor degree intonation). The result is a translator that will just take the first meaning of every word. But Babelfish couldn't even give me a correct translation of 'nippon ha mada desu' when I entered it with Japanese characters (it gave me 'Japan still is', which is much to literal), so the converter would be useless anyway.
  2. ウゴさん、カナダに住んでいるね?だから、誰と日本語で喋りますか。 僕の問題はスウェーデンに住んでる日本人がかなり少ないです。すし屋はたくさんがあるんですけど、中国人に営むことは珍しくありません。 では
  3. I'm thinking about studying in Japan too, although there's a couple of more years before I can start to think about that seriously. Yiuel, how well do you know Japanese as of yet?
  4. Alright, I was about to take a picture, but my camera was out of batteries Anyway, I dug out a picture, and following Tim's tradition I went for weird and yearning, capturing the essence of some kind of sexual grey area (no offence Tim ( )... it'll do for now (also, I've never really understood if people realize that my current mugshot is a bit of a joke, I don't actually own and wear those kinds of sunglasses.... nor that kind of smug face )
  5. I can add a warning if the GUI comes across sizing that isn't topleft Oh btw, "crashes the functions call". Invalid sizing shouldn't be able to do that. Nothing in the GUI defines any size 'invalid' (except syntactical, and that will be reported in log).
  6. No, but it's possible for controls to redefine their mouse-over area (only for the programmer as of yet though). So we can definitely solve this in some way. Ops, that ERROR message is really not an error message. I just added it when developing as a feedback, and I made it Error so that I could easily spot it. I suggest a new log category called "TEMP" that is easy to spot, and if you accidentally leave it behind, it's easy to find later (even disabling them in NDEBUG mode, just to be on the safe side). Anyway, regardless what 'error' messages you get, is the world clickable? If it's not, then you've got invisible GUI objects blocking. I'm thinking of adding like a wireframe option, so you can see how the GUI objects really look. Notice that the 'empty' control can still be "0 0 100% 100%" (and should be able to be whatever is appropriate if you want to use relative sizing), because I've made its MouseOver() function always return false. So if you can't select the world, then you've got some other kind of control blocking the path. It's easy to spot though, I could always just add the name of the control to the log output, and then you can start the game, pull down the console, and click away.
  7. Aah, close enough Jag är svensk föresten (I'm swedish btw) Edit: Translation
  8. No that's actually this 0 A.D., but way back.
  9. @Nawen Are you Swedish? Just curious
  10. A... I have the regular friday night brewskies with mi mates at local ale-house ... and some more than that at occasions and parties... never smoke though, did at parties for a while, but decided to give that up completely... I'm 18 btw, and that's the legal drinking age in Sweden...
  11. Lol me too, why do you think I own pyro.nu ? Funny mentioned, I just did this school assignment along those lines: http://gee.pyro.nu/
  12. 7-11 two blocks from here... But my decision is probably clouded by my starvation
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