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  1. What does "success" mean to you ? To me it means getting good grades. How about you ?
  2. roflmao means rolling on the floor laughing my @#$% off.
  3. Meh, that's gonna be difficult. Almost all can win.
  4. Great post Tim indeed. You writing a new one soon ?
  5. Wow, looks extremely good for low-poly. Great texture !
  6. Maybe someone (Tim?) can make a stickied topic that explains more why people shall introduce themselves ? We get quite a ton of new members over a week, but not many introduce themselves. Or maybe we should have an Introductions Forum on each of the communities (TLA and 0AD too), because some may only sign up for those communities ?
  7. Can someone, preferably one of the developers, explain to me what the advantages of usign 3D in favor of 2D are if any ? Also some enlightment on the technical side of things would be cool.
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