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Ratings Reports (Archive)


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My user: PurpleMotion

Offender User: KarlJhonson (1236)

Game was going ok, he was rushing me and all fine, then I took out his TC and he exited the game, few minutes later he joined back in and claimed it was due to lag and I didnt pause it. He clearly left the game.

Then he paused the game and started talking and left again without resigning.


commands.txt metadata.json

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Hi @user1,

This is a weird situation. I am playing a game against stckpkr7000. It is a good and tough battle. After some time I was winning, took his CC, army, fort etc. Now he puts the match on pause without saying anything.

I am not going to wait. I just leave the match and hopefully this @#$% gets punished. Can you believe a person can be like that?? Lol. Unreal!

screens to back my claim: 




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