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  1. The whole BAR devs thing weighs very little on my motivation scale... Hopefully I'm not wrong, because that would be really awkward. As far as my conclusion, it's just a logical one, nothing to do with timelines. Cool.
  2. Well, you see, with a DDOS you need a target. To get the target's IP you have to attempt to connect to it, or hack up an XMPP client that collects reported host IPs. Without that there's no targeting of the community as a whole. While all the reasons you mention could be considered motivation, that doesn't exclude the need for a mechanism to obtain target IPs. Since this incident happened within a few minutes of Nedris' joining/parting, and no one else would have a motivation to drop the game, I'm hard pressed to find another actor. Either way, the deafening silence from @user1 is answer enough for me; we're on our own.
  3. Me: JohnDoe2 Other person: auxilentmoon @user1 commands.txt
  4. @user1@Kenpachi Me: JohnDoe2 The other player: kenpachi Quit when food/wood was expended, no resign. Warned the player before starting about "deathmatch". They prefer "strategy". commands.txt
  5. Started happening on macOS, but this one uses an RX580, no gfx switching. Workaround: disable "post processing" in graphics options.
  6. I was in a game with a new player who wanted to win. So I gave them some pointers, and as they were about to take my base out Nedris joins, expresses displeasure with my actions "that's how noob are created" and then proceeds to DDOS me. Since I'm host there's 3 options: - the new player who was about to win - no motivation - PurpleMotion: someone who often plays with me and has been spectating this particular game off and on - no motivation - Nedris who doesn't like other "creating noob" - weird vendetta, checks out My WAN was getting blown up by random IPs, totaling around 80mb/s. Do you have any policies in dealing with people like this @user1? commands.txt
  7. @user1 Me: JohnDoe2 Other player: josecely commands.txt
  8. Do map mods fiddle with anything other than terrain? I'm thinking maybe whitelisting map mods might be an option (which also happens to be my case).
  9. Hello! I can't figure out why the game is upset with some of my basic replays. I can see the connection between missing mods and replays not showing up - that makes sense, you don't have the mod, you can't access a necessary resource. However, the opposite should not be true. Say I have 30 mods, but the replay requires none of them; that replay should be accessible to me, right? logs/interestinglog.html is blank. The rest of the logs are generic, nothing revealing issues loading a replay. macOS 10.14.4 on a 3rd Gen Core i5, 32GB ram, RX580 8GB, running 0.0.23 (21946MP-release). Related thread: Word of warning: those of you trying this: the replays attached are single player, make sure you don't filter them out. ghost-replays.zip
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