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Campaign: Macedonia - Rise to Power + Balkan Campaign + Into Asia

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What they probably need is a trigger that finished the game, I guess? Take a look at the EndGameManager.js in the simulation/components. There is a function "MarkPlayerAndAlliesAsWon" that can be called from a trigger. That implies that other players are marked as defeated.

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Hi everyone, I am happy to present a 5-part campaign titled "Macedonia: Rise to Power"! The campaign covers the times of Philip II and ends shortly before Alexander the Great gains control of the

Update: Added Mission 18: The Siege of Gaza (332 BC) If you played any of these, please let me know, even if you think they totally suck! Always looking for feedback.  

Update: Added Mission 20: The Oracle's Quest Alexander finally meets the Oracle of Amun at Siwa Oasis. The Oracle is ready to give his blessings -- but Alexander must perform a task. An adventure

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Next up: Macedonia 29 - Battle of Jaxartes (329 BC)

After securing Alexandria Eschatê, Alexander's forces continued to battle the Sogdian rebellion. The Sogdian leader Spitamenes was besieging Maracanda in the south; at the same time, an army of Saka mounted nomadic warriors appeared north of the Jaxartes, eager to join in the struggle and take away the loot. The Macedonian king sent an officer named Pharnouches south to confront Spitamenes, and personally attacked the Sacae in what was to become a sensational fight.

The Jaxartes is wider than a bowshot, which meant that the Macedonians could board their hurriedly prepared ships and rafts in safety, but that they would enter the Sacaen field of fire halfway across the river. Your advisors suggest two strategies to pursue to cross the river effectively: 1) your rafts should make a landing en masse, and 2) use your siege equipment to provide cover fire -- we may be able to eliminate some of the archers before they realize their bows and arrows are useless against our catapults -- we just need to find a good spot for our siege equipment that can target their archers from our side of the river.

Your ships and rafts already have some troops loaded but you may want to load additional ones as soon as you can. You can "signal" an order for all your vessels to automatically head to the other side of the river by destroying your outpost (click on it and click on the delete button).

AI Settings: all AIs should be set to Sandbox


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Macedonia 30 - Bactra (328 BC)

After the victory over the Sacae at the Jaxartes, Alexander had the opportunity to deal with the revolt of Spitamenes, the Sogdian rebel leader. Alexander headed south, to Maracanda which was beseiged by Spitamenes, but by the time he arrived, the siege was lifted and the Sogdian rebels were gone.

During the winter of of 329/328 BC, Spitamenes, on the other hand, had moved on to Bactra, the capital of Bactria, and has captured several nearby settlements. You have been sent by Alexander to reinforce the Macedonian garrison and assist Artabazus, the loyal satrap of Bactria, in the defense of the city and the destruction of the rebels.

Upon arriving, Artabazus offers his welcome and dispatches a dozen horse archers to be at your service. Your primary objective is to defend the town, build up your own forces and work together with Artabazus to conquer the nearby rebels.

There are also neutral traders in the area who may be suitable trading partners. Artabazus suggests that you use your cavalry to disrupt the rebels' trade for extra loot. A workshop not far to the north-east of our town will likely be willing to sell you some siege equipment. Meanwhile, a dock on a nearby river has traders in search of stone who would be willing to give plenty of fish in return.

As you finish discussions, all of a sudden there is chaos and mayhem on the streets of the city -- the rebels must have infiltrated the town and are not trying to take it from within. To arms!

AI Settings: Players 2 through 5: Petra with a difficulty of your choice. Players 6 and 7: Sandbox.




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47 minutes ago, badosu said:

Yeah, this is awesome! Official campaign incoming maybe? :yes3:

IIRC campaign feature was dropped for A24. At least we got the other major missing feature, namely hotkey editor.

Also I think there should only be a tutorial campaign which is officially part of EA, the rest can be mods maintained by whoever wishes to do so, WFG included.

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