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===[COMMITTED]=== Order move indicator[Visual]


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I suggest d this the first time a test the game, but now borg- have reason.


5- What I'm going to put here seems to be something of no value, but I missed it a few days ago, and I'll expatiate because.

As you can see in the picture, most games have an indicator of where your unit will move, after your click, at 0 a.d we do not have this, I never felt lacking to be honest, but days ago I was having problems in my Mouse, right click, then sometimes it ended up not clicking, so I got lost several times, (there were not few) because I thought I had clicked and had not, as we do not have the indicator I had no way to know. I relied on the audio, okay is a good indicator, but have you stopped to think about possible deaf users? I think an indicator would really be very useful, especially for users with possible hearing problems.



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45 minutes ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

Pretty much how it's done.


29 minutes ago, Itms said:

I agree this is an important feature to have :) Looking forward to the proposals!

I'm going to make animated arrows. (Actually I already started)

I guess what I need to know, is how to make object pop and disappear, is it the same code that the foundations ?
And also, how to make sure it only happens, when unit move, I guess that's in command.js and just a call to the same function to display the thing for each type of movement;

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5 hours ago, stanislas69 said:

Waypoint is #657 and it's a tough one.

Mostly just some amount of work that might not be that fun, or at least needs someone somewhat interested in drawing lines (mostly the interpolation part, and cleaning up the whole duplication with rally point lines). At least the part about just adding flags (or something else which could be used as an indicator) as implemented in the last patch there should be working and (at least given what I recall about that patch) should be relatively easy to factor out if someone wanted to do the work.

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