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  1. Hyrule Conquest

    fcxSanya's suggestion b) would be most likely the way to go without adding tons of code. Especially just having those subsection/slot entities able to upgrade to whatever. That results in multiple buildings which might or might not be what you want. Even if that is not what is wanted one could just add a little code that "forwards" everything to the main building, without having the drawbacks of having to find a placement spot the size of the maximum expansion. As for some users having issues with the order of the mods, you should specify the dependency on 0ad in your mod.json.
  2. How to start modifying?

    38. Dunno, try the Art Development subforum, maybe you'll find someone interested there. 39. Either the Game Dev subforum or trac. About the specific suggestions: We had different garrison slot sizes once, it was a mess, didn't really add anything and was removed. Not going to happen, templates are cheap use them. Amphibious is working already (well in SVN that is), it is lacking swimming animation support though (check a certain art request, or find someone else to work on that). Flying is already working, check the plane. Helicopters are currently working if you ignore that they can land, if you don't want to do that you might have to write a little code. Leaping like those Egyptian jackal things from AoM, as opposed to something that's always doing that? Might need a little code for the former, but that shouldn't be too hard. Submarine, already working, same caveat as helicopters. 40. Check UnitAI where CommitResources is used, pass the entity id of the dropsite to it, then in ResourceGatherer decide if the owner of that entity is the same as the current entity owner, if not pass some fraction (add to the schema and read from there) to the owner of the dropsite. 41. Add a new component (or extend ResourceSupply) to have some MaxAmount and GrowthRate (possibly with better names), then check if there is a rate set, then start a timer, kill that one upon reaching MaxAmount and increase the amount. 42. Fix the appropriate gui xml (within gui/session/) to have a higher number for the repeat attribute. You might have to tweak a few sizes since otherwise things are not going to fit. Similar for the structree, except there you have another xml file.
  3. I'll just leave this here https://github.com/dvangennip/amazones-0AD, I'm quite sure that there is some forum topic about that too.
  4. Hyrule Conquest

    Sounds more like there either is a missing message or the message handler in cmpFormation is broken, or the test is broken.
  5. Hyrule Conquest

    (Screw the forums.) which is less than 25, so even with our current 29 bit entity ids that should not be a problem. And that value is something I'd consider an upper bound and not something any normal game would even come close to.
  6. Hyrule Conquest

    Given that the requirements boil down to a change from an entity to another (else we would need lots of complexity in lots of places to handle different sets of stats and other things), not switching templates (and thus entities) would be more complicated. Also given that this will most likely be user initiated instead of something automatic and most likely not used for all entities we might do some rough calculation of how many entity ids we'd actually burn through. From some random replay I had lying around (some 50 minutes or something) that took about 12000 turns, which I guess is as good a length to check for as anything else. We'll assume 8 players, each having 300 units, doing that upgrade/switch every turn. Since this is likely going to be big, let's just get the base 2 logarithm of that (log2(12000*300*8)
  7. Hyrule Conquest

    Not sure what is hacky about that, since that is actually what that is meant to do. (Well for values of upgrade that mean "can change into".) Especially when as in this case you just upgrade to a template that inherits from yourself, which upgrades to you (and makes sure to actually use the same name (or remove the other one) as your upgrade).
  8. Hyrule Conquest

    Templates are cheap, just add a few that require some tech, possibly embedding that in the template name.
  9. (Forums just ate my reply... sigh) To extend on Stan's answers a bit 1) Assuming it should be similar to C&C: Generals underground portals (garrison one, can ungarrison from any). Should be doable by having a player component (specified in the player_$civ.xml) with a component that keeps a list of entities, and components for the portals that implement the GarrisonHolder interface and use the list in the player component for garrisoning/ungarrisoning. 2) Possible, and some mod did that some time ago. However the pathfinder will not prefer those roads (and doing so would make it slow, the old pathfinder supported different terrain costs and look where that got it). Might also be slow with lots of auras, dunno. 5) Yes, needs some code. I'm not quite sure what the best way to do this would be. One option would be to use a new component that does the whole list switching itself. Another would be to have one component (or extend Upgrade) to automatically (by using a timer) upgrade the entity into another entity (using Upgrade) with a different unit list.
  10. Really?

    They still own the copyright of the parts they added (and so far I don't think I've seen any non-testing mod that doesn't add new units or new technologies, where the latter is clearly the better example fo them not just changing things). So either put the modified things under the same terms (as that is what the licenses of the source material require) or they are breaking the license of the source material. That doesn't automatically put those modifications under that license. (At least that is my rough understanding, consult some copyright lawyer if you want legal advise.) Also the licenses of the source (CC-BY-SA and GPL (for the most part) do not impose their terms on collections of things where only some of the content is licensed under one of those. And one could argue that someone writing a tech or a component is doing so against an API or a specification, and since JS code isn't linked that is where the license terms of that API ends. Then again by how JS and mods work that means one has to distribute the code to everyone and inspecting that is easy, so trying to make a non-FOSS component is somewhat pointless (given a trade secret logic). That doesn't mean non-free (in the FOSS/FSF/CC sense) mods aren't possible, and a mod shipping art under another license (eg one of the CC-NC licenses) would be possible. Same for source code, but I suspect someone writing code would like support in case they run into issues. Which also reminds me that a certain mod which is the cause for this topic did (haven't checked for ages) ship quite a few icons from other games which is certainly infringing on the copyright of those that made them. Also the above mod list is incomplete and lacking the mods maintained by the Council of Modders.
  11. Really?

    That's not how things work though. If there is no license you can assume that the thing grants you no rights at all. So add a license, and take care where you get your files from.
  12. Really?

    And another Mythos_Ruler ragequit.
  13. Really?

    So don't. Where's the problem? If you decide to change intermediary templates in a mod instead of adding new ones you have to deal with changes anyway. So either deal with them or don't deal with them, but stop complaining.
  14. Hyrule Conquest

    Any chance to get the pure mod zip file (you did build one, didn't you)? Since it seems so far nobody bothered to publish any extractor source for clickteam installers (and the few things I can find indicate that they change the format a lot between versions), and I guess asking for a usable file is easier than reversing some win32 code.
  15. How does the armour work ?

    Get the strength of a specific damage type specified in the template as a number. + converts to a number in JS., this.template is a JS object representation of the given components data (obtained from the XML files).