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  1. Hacky solution, yes one could merge most of these things, also just doing this in awk might be nicer. The final sed is because some commands (training siege) seem to list the entities this applies to last instead of first (which doesn't matter, but makes this a bit longer than it should be. I'm not sure why you have numbers, then xN in that list, nor do I really care, but yes one can figure that out from a commands.txt file. For a proper solution one would also need to handle cancellations, and possibly parse the json for each command to make sure the order doesn't matter. grep "cmd 1" commands.txt | grep "train" | sed 's/^.*units\///' | sed 's/","count":/ /' | sed 's/}$//' | sed 's/,"entities.*$//'
  2. Mostly just some amount of work that might not be that fun, or at least needs someone somewhat interested in drawing lines (mostly the interpolation part, and cleaning up the whole duplication with rally point lines). At least the part about just adding flags (or something else which could be used as an indicator) as implemented in the last patch there should be working and (at least given what I recall about that patch) should be relatively easy to factor out if someone wanted to do the work.
  3. Changing templates and loading save games might work, but I would recommend against doing that for proper testing. Same as hotloading is fine for figuring out if something fixes a bug, but could break unrelated things in various ways. Stats for entities present in a saved game state should still be the same after loading, so newly trained units will have the new values while everything the existed before that point will still have the old values. Same as for hotloading (exept that there you might run into some things being cached and not being invalidated when hotloading).
  4. Look for interestinglog.html and mainlog.html (where might have been mentioned already ;-) ).
  5. (Sure someone could download the map, try it and whatnot, but that requires doing more than just looking at the logs.)
  6. To select actors (which are just graphics, no impact on gameplay) press Alt. (This and a few other things that might be useful are mentioned in the Atlas Manual.) For logs (and also where to place maps when installing them (assuming that they aren't in a mod, and even if they were the information would be there)) see the game data paths wiki page.
  7. No, check the structure tree if you want to know. You can disable the aura range visualization if you don't like it, also there is a hotkey to toggle it.
  8. Sounds somewhat related to #4480. At least in the sense that there appears to be some invalid entry there. Might be interesting if a visual replay with that player follow option is able to trigger this again.
  9. Because that citizen soldier doesn't have an aura.
  10. You'd be surprised if you knew more
  11. Nah, making it easy would be linking to the Getting Started Programmers wiki page too.
  12. If the line is in local.cfg or user.cfg remove it instead of changing it.
  13. Or set the XDG variables to whatever you want (though that applies to all applications, but you can set it for one program only if you use an alias or a script or possibly some desktop file).
  14. That's what the dmp file is for (which as one could guess is a dump file of the program state), but for debugging those one needs a Windows development environment.
  15. Since the translations are updated all the time, it would be better to use the SVN version of the game (else you will not see most translations at all). Also one can place the files in the corresponding mod folder in the user modifiable path (or in the user mod if one is especially lazy and can deal with the breakage later). Also just placing the files next to the zip, but with the correct folder structure also works (take care that the file timestamps are more recent than those in the zip). This is however slightly uglier than just using the user writeable mod folder.