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The Kingdom of Kush: A proper introduction [Illustrated]


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13 minutes ago, Charles R Sabo said:

You have ignorantly stated that the Neo-Assyrian Empire ended and was then ruled under King Cyrus of Persia, when history clearly conveys that the Neo-Babylonians and King Nebuchadnezzar had defeated and ruled over the Assyrians; the Babylonians fell to King Cyrus and the Medo/Persian Empire in 539 B.C. How can anyone take your words seriously, when you twisted history so badly???


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On 15/01/2017 at 1:47 AM, Sundiata said:


Kush and the Persians

By 609 BC, The Neo-Assyrian Empire had collapsed, and was absorbed by the Achaemenid Persian Empire under Cyrus the Great. His successor, Cambyses II, successfully conquered Egypt in 525 BC, ending the Saite Dynasty, after which he attempted the conquest of Kush

I think he is talking about the first post

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