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No conversion in the game?

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3 hours ago, sphyrth said:

I thought this was a "Wololo" issue.

I don't know about women, but I think sheep are very loyal to their shepherd.

Maybe it is just mix up of terminology. Conversion can mean many thing.


But about sheep. I think sheep conversion if good for capturing and stealing sheep like in Age of Empire.

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About terminology: we need to differentiate capturing (buildings), conversion (age of empires priest) and capturing sheeps. For scenario making, it would be also useful gaia conversion units like aoe2 (when a human units reach  gaia units, they are given to that player)

Capturing it's working. IRC initals plans were against conversion (with one roman hero ability exception), but there was in mind sheep and female capturing (the later as wow said, seems to have been discarded).

Wololoing would be useful for modders: @Lion.Kanzen, wasn't a working version in Aristeia? It could be added to the engine without using it in the 0 ad main game. (Or just a scenario only priest for showing)

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Going to look into it. Cloned the repo from 0ad Mods.

EDIT 1: Hacked it to work again, now it's sending warnings.

Edit 2 : And it broke healing too.

EDIT 3 : With niektb's change seems to work better, but still spamming warnings.

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there must be 3 types of conversion.

Religious. By a priest not all vive are missionaries. But there are cults that capture the imagination.

Those who come from the Middle East and India have a lot to say. Mitraism, Mystical philosophies, cult to Isis, some times Judaism, Buddhism.

Bribery. The other is loyalty by money.

It depends on loyalty.

Submission. That of an animal or a slave.

Instant capture if the master is not there.

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When will we allow livestock to be stolen like in the age of empires? I think this has a great influence on joining the nomads in the future.
Would you like to start working on a patch or mod now?

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