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  1. I did same thing until I realised how can rushes be effective. Yes, it leads to too quick victory and you can't max your army (what I and many other people enjoy), but it is funny and effective indeed.
  2. IMHO processor doesn't matter as much. It is grpahic card which does most work. Yes, processor does have to pull all those textures to gk memory, calculate wireframes and so, but gk does texturing and accelerates most things (try to play some game on max quality with sw rendering and then test hw rendering, you'll see difference). Also, one notice for those unfortunate who use Windows and drivers for their gk provided by MS. You must install drivers provided by your gk vendor. It is because MS does many nasty things to destroy OpenGL (which 0AD uses) and one of them is ripping off OpenGL suppo
  3. I don't like idea of preset limit of buildings in certain areas. I would do it this way. Number and level/quality of available buildings wouldn't depend on some preset limit, but on level of central city of territory. And central city in different territory would level up in different speed. That speed would be dependent on different things. It could be preset for each territory, or calculate upon availability of water, climate (cities in Tundra or desert would level up slowly) and so. One of the factor could be also frequency of raids. If city lies in fertile lands, has river or sea nearby an
  4. Come on, guys. Didn't you see the smiley? That was supposed to be joke. No offense was intended.
  5. Unfortunatelly, Tilanus Commodor isn't woman.
  6. How did we help with development of 0Ad except drawing developers attention by asking unimportant questions?
  7. Would it really increase realism? I don't believe, that horses were trained to find a way home (especially in campaigns, where terrain permanently changed) and then run back to their masters? Horses were upon dismounting before battle gathered and held in rear or during battle were left to run anywhere and then probably caught back. I would let it be, or dismount permanently, so horses would run away and never return. Remember, this isn't simulation. This is AoK in 3d in different time and some enhancements. More enhancements = bigger delay of release. Also, this is about battling. Player won'
  8. Hoplite is Citisen Soldier. It isn't unit named "Citisen soldier" which can be upgraded to something. Simply all soldiers are Citisens and therefore can gather resources. However Elite ones aren't that good at it (if they can do it at all). However this is inovatice idea, I don't like it too much as I don't find it historically accurate. By far not all male citisens were soldiers IMHO.
  9. But it never happened in history. There were discussions about allies temporarily providing units for free. I'm not sure if it will be implemented. But it would be more accurate as allies did it (see foederati providing cavalry contingents to Roman legions). Perhaps possibility to trade techs could be cool. Or inheritance of tech of subdued enemy (see Alexander and his generals to start using Persian soldiers). Perhaps it would be cool if ally who surrendered gave you everything he had. In AoK it is considered as good custom to send your units to area where battles most often occur when you pl
  10. Have a look at our subsection. There is enough info provided about units composition as well as many factions to help you as samples. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in FAQ. MTW2 won't help much. I consider this game quite inaccurate. Try Chivalry Total War for RTW. That is quite something. Or perhaps some other mods or mods for MTW2 can provide interesting informations. But don't rely on Vanilla MTW2 much. Feel free to do anything you wish. Not too much work was done, so collisions are unlikely. Thanks for any help.
  11. I think AoE3 does it. If I'm correct it dates to times between Middle ages and American revolutionary war which IMHO is Renaissance period.
  12. Ninja, woman and two katanas? What a combination. Katana was actually two handed weapon. It was used _only_ by samurai class with wakizashi as backup weapon or for indoor combat as katana was too long to be used there effectively. katana was clearly symbol of the class and none else was allowed to carry it. Although, some reports about women as ninjas exist, I guess, that ways they were performing assasinations were different. I think, that they mostly did poisoning and others rather than use martial arts. I know that this cheat is just for fun, but it clearly falls oof the path of realism 0
  13. I know about it. It was I, who found out how to make Hussite War Waggons be able to form defensive square formation.
  14. Hoplite good against cavalry? AFAIK Hoplite were using rather shorter Doris. Better than sword against cavalry, but I think, that spear of Triarius is longer. Also, Triarius shouldn't be much weaker than Hoplite. Should perhaps have better melee but weaker armor. And strong charge and weak melee of Cataphracts? Why? When horse carries heavy armour, he can't be that fast. Also "under-arm" wielding of lance was introduced in 12th century AFAIK. Therefore I would switch it. Better melee (at least definitelly not weak, hit by mace or axe to head would make none of us happy) and somewhat average ch
  15. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Griko_language
  16. AFAIK heroes can't upgrade. They are heroes already. Don't want to make game too complicated. It would delay release and could screw gameplay.
  17. I don't want to argue, but 0AD isn't opensource AFAIK. Also, there was mentioned, that limit will be ~200. Technically, it can't go much higher as it would be unplayable on slower GPUs.
  18. It most probably means, that whole source codes would be available for download. Not big deal fow Windows users, but for Linuxers it means really something. It allows 0AD to be part of official repositories which would help spread 0AD in Linux community. Although Linux is used on relatively small number of PCs (although our numbers are growing steadily) it still means some 29 millions of users of Linux. I did some advertisement in Linux community in Czech Republic and 0AD was highly praised among them.
  19. Knights of Honor allows you to have only 8 Marshals. You need traders for income, spies and counterspies and so. So you will end with 4 armies. It is nothing compared to MTW1 or 2 where you field much larger contingents. Also, KoH had quite a poor AI in sieges. I had no problem to conquer any walled city.
  20. And why should you kill them? For food? I guess, that there isn't much of it. Have you ever eaten cat? I didn't and I think, that people these days weren't eating them, too. You cannot catch them when running, they are hard to hit and have almost no meal. Some eyecandy animals which cannot be killed won't hurt.
  21. Capturing of building isn't bad dea. However, have you ever played Cossacks? I find it pretty annoying when I'm engaged in fighting and bunch of mercenary cossacks captures half of my city. Since then, I'm allways leaving garrisons in my city, but in Cossacks there isn't pop cap and so leaving few squads in your base doeasn't hurt. But in 0AD whare is pop limit ~200, leaving sufficient number of defenders in base is significant hit to numbers of men you are able to bring to the battlefield. I'd leave it as it is in AoK. Monks being able to convert buildings after some tech is researhed. Not th
  22. Actually, turn based system is necessity in larger scale games. I'd like to see anybory to manage economy, lead armies, fleets and fight battles in real time. Battle 200 x 200 never happened in history as it would be regarded as slightly larger skirmish at best. That is why 0AD and AoE series don't need to be turnbased. Also, turn-based isn't than inaccurate. Ever played Jagged Alliance 2 or Steel Panthers? None of these can b considered inaccurate. Especially SP is considered hardcore and thus unsuitable for mainstream. Also Total War games pretty accurate if it comes to gameplay (and with so
  23. I spotted one thing. I was playing AoE and AoK almost since release, but always when I was cheating, it became boring. Do you really find it necesary to screw game by unfair playing or by using weird units like e=mc2 trooper? When I win game by cunning tactics, I feel satisfied and somewhat proud. I prefer to be beaten than resort to cheating as it brigs me no pleasure.
  24. Egyptians speaking Nubian language? Hmm. Wouldn't be greek more accurate in post Alexandrian times?
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