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  1. Lipstick, Turks can't be included into 0AD, however, you can make mod with Turks on your own. See subforum of For Honour and Glory mod. It is currently at research stage and frozen, but you can start to work on it anyway. Research is done, but maybe you can contribute to it and correct mistakes, if you find any.
  2. And anything prevents you from posting there? There wasn't lot of updates due to lack of interest of community and it also started too soon. You are free to join whenever you wish. But if you prefer to reinvent wheel by redoing research, you are free to do so, of course. But why?
  3. Maybe translation of error messages to English could help.
  4. Hm. Why didn't you join mod "For Honour and Glory"? It has same goal and has already done lot of research.
  5. http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=12427 See post 9.
  6. Please, no myth units, dragons, tanks and other crap. How can someone have such a stupid idea. Historical RTS with Minotaur. Come on.
  7. No. It says that you need libxml-dev installed. Follow compiling guide and install all dependencies.
  8. Yo. I forgot to mention that there is one issue people and I encountered. Newer boost libs end with "-mt". I had to run "sudo ln libboost_signals-mt.so libboost_signals.so" in /usr/lib.
  9. I managed to compile and run it. It looks nice. How can I increase resolution, though?
  10. In case you have newer libboost libs, these end with "-mt" "sudo ln libboost_signals-mt.so libboost_signals.so" in /usr/lib I compiled it and run Screen shots don't lie. I didn't figure out how to increase resolution yet, though.
  11. Just wanted to inform you that packagers for openSUSE are notified about this, so openSUSE users can expect repository somewhat soon.
  12. I don't believe that Romans burned their old stations. They either fortified them and thus making them permanent fortresses or disassembled them and taken them away. Legionaries always camped in camps which were properly guarded. Every legionary carried part of fortifications and equipment needed for construction of defenses.
  13. I'm 5 years older than you, greenie. And that wasn't personal attack. That was just a question with option that makes you and your statement absolutely OK. Like in programming: if (donated_money!=0) { everything_OK; else false_statement; } Understood?
  14. Hm. Personal attack? Nice. And game engine is what? Mainly visual side. Better engine allows you to use nicer effects, more detailed models ... I didn't say I don't know Starcraft 2. I asked whether this is what you mean with SC2.
  15. Did you donate any money to WFG? If not, then whole your statement is false because it means, that you wouldn't share your money as gladly as you saying. By SC2 you mean Starcraft 2? But that is thoroughly different game. Graphics simply isn't everything.
  16. Then use Blender. It is for free and supports Collada IIRC. Sorry, you can't expect developers to rework model support just because someone doesn't want to use Blender or buy commercial software. That is it. 0AD team lacks developers (I mean coders) and any less necessary work done just delays release of 0AD. Blender is good enough. I do believe, that it isn't Blender which limits modellers, but their skill. Same with textures. None will convince me, that you can't make in GIMP textures as nice as in Photoshop. There's no need for cannon against sparrows.
  17. I was thinking whether opensourcing will help the game. Well, if it is GPL compatible, it can be incorporated into Linux distributions. However, it is too large for this in greater scale. Well, I can tell you, that at least soon after you open the code, this will be done for openSUSE. Although unofficially as I have found capable packager, who promised me to do it and that it is no problem. Apart from that, I'm rather sceptic about other distributions. Also, theoretically, it can bring in some new people. But as you know, talk is cheap and I wouldn't expect anything extraordinary. Also, other
  18. Currently openSUSE Factory (development 11.2), but I mainly use Ubuntu 9.04 (both OS 64bit). I also have Windows XP for games (due to vendor Lock-in via DX) but I don't find them useful for anything else and thus don't boot them for other reason. I have never tried MAC. And I'd like to. But I'm not eager to buy yet another machine.
  19. Actually, it's not that bad at all. DX 10 brings in nothing new. For example Crysis on XP runs much faster and is often nicer than on Vista. You have to tweak settings and configs, though. That suggests, that DX 10 sucks and details are intentionally crippled on DX 9 (as these can be much enhanced by editing configs). Also, DX 10 was supposed to be much faster because Mode switching was finally introduced to DX (something what OpenGL is having for ages) and thus making (only theoretically) DX somewhat competitive with otherwise faster OpenGL. Have a look at this page: http://www.ddworld.cz/ind
  20. I think, that this shouldn't be discussed here. 0AD could be accused from being made by pirated software.
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