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  1. It seems the real life has taken a slight toll on our progress. Since the last update we've managed to get a basic outline of most of the civilizations however we won't be able to work on the mod as much. We'll update again once we find the time.
  2. Sorry we are not going to be merging projects, both are very different games. We are having Asian civilization and Honor And Glory with the Western European. Either if we merged games there would still be problems with leadership, we are a locally based team, Honor And Glory is on the web. We haven't started research on most civilizations but we will have more knowledge as we progress, as for the Ottomans, that is actually one of the differences from the other empires which we are explaining soon. That would be excellent. As of now, I am the only researcher for the game, so we could use the extra assistance.
  3. Okay, we have thought the idea over and we will be replacing Scandinavia with the Holy Roman Empire, I'm glad we were getting criticism on this, it helps us make a better game. EDIT: We are also nearing completion with research and outline of the first civilization, details to be up soon!
  4. There are no true requirements, we just expect modders to be contributing a good amount of help for the mod. We are actively discussing the possibility of doing so, and we are thinking of who replaces the Vikings if we have been deleting it.
  5. Fascinating idea, will it be based on peoples of Oceania or other places such as Africa?
  6. There are four of us on the current team, we are still on the search for more members for our game. For vikings, I have discussed the matter with the team and we believe they deserve their own separate civilization, they were an important part of the time on their own!
  7. It is a possibility, but our research came up with separate information on the military of Scandinavia and that of the vikings.
  8. 1) Age Of Kings are having 18 civilizations in the game, with the amount of people on the mod right now it should not be a challenge when communication is local and not over an internet. 2) Scandinavia refers to the peoples of the region, the Vikings are a similar but separate civilization that are the pirates which settled in other parts of the continent. We are thinking of replacing it Scandinavia with something else. 3) The game takes place in multiple eras and as Egypt you will start out in the Fatimid period and continue into the Mamluk period, we are looking for a way to put Ayyubids in someway. 4) One of the goals of this game was to bring the player to some of the lesser known civilizations of the east but at the same time allow the player to experience the major empires such as the English. 5) The viking peoples were pirates who sailed the North Atlantic to conquer neighboring cities, rarely stopping at one place for long. 6) Many important empires were not added because we set a limit of civilizations to 20 and because we were wanting to put in less known civilizations, we might add it as a replacement if we are not liking one of the civilizations now.
  9. of course, every civilization will be different in some way, whether it be the way they play (Like the nomadic civilzations.) or what unit they are having in their armies. Being different cosmetically is also important too, but one of the goals I set is to make sure there is a reason to play every civilization.
  10. Experience the Medieval cultures of Europe And Asia, a new mod for 0 AD. Description The Legends Of Europe is a total conversion for 0 AD, you will be able to control armies of some the most powerful empires from the 9th century to the 16th. The gameplay will be vastly different than that of the regular game. Instead of the ages of 0 AD, almost each civilization has two eras their civilization existed (Such as Hungary from 997-1245 and from 1245-1526 AD.), to achieve the next era must do a succeed to do a number of certain tasks. The expansion will come with a full campaign and skirmish maps that are based on regions the civilizations existed. Features - Carefully researched civilizations to help the game be as realistic as it can. - Large Campaign allows the player to experience a wide range of historical battles of the time. - Highly differentiated civilizations such as the nomadic Vikings. - Siege engines, cannons, and battlements also included. Civilizations Most of the prominent empires of the Medieval ages will be included, although if you want another to be added, please suggest it and I will consider it's addition. - Bulgaria - Byzantine Empire - China - Egypt - England - France - Holy Roman Empire - Hungary - India - Japan - Mongolia - Ottoman Empire - Persia - Poland - Russia - Serbia - Spain - Switzerland - The Vikings Help Out Any help with the mod is greatly appreciated, especially with research on the time period and coding. If you are able to create art assets for the game and would like to lend any assistance, please leave a reply here or send a message and you will be considered.
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