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  1. I forgot to introduce myself and started posting immediately. Please excuse such impoliteness. Now I'll try to rectify it. Real Name: Vit Pelcak Nation: Czech Sex: male Age: 21 Knowledge: history of middle ages and antiquity, starting with Linux, little C, C++ and OpenGL under C, but my programming skills are rather useless, at least for now. Favourite nations: Romans, Byzantines and Bohemians, of course Favourite units: Legions, Kataphraktoi and Longbowmen I'm recently studiing at the University so, I don't have a time to help a lot, but Id like to share my knowledge of history and ideas as
  2. I've read in FAQ, that there will be provinces in the game. How it will work? You will develope each your province in turn-based mode like in Total War series an when enemy attacks you, or you'll attack enemy's province game will turn to RT mode? What means that possibility to rewrite history? I'd like to have something like history log about your advance and some way to export it into some usefull format. It's hard to explain, but I'd like to have some possibility to show my friends (or just for me) how shape of area controlled by my forces changed with time. Wouldn't be better to rename ore
  3. Will units be able to fire from bows and then switch to swords? I plan to participate on development of Medieval mod for 0AD and I'd like to have Kataphraktoi, who will be equipped with short bows and swords, in game. It would be better than in AoK or AoM. Ability of units to dismount would be appreciated, too. But in FAQ is probably written, that it won't be in game. Shame. Also limited ammunition (and some carriers of ammunition to refill it) could be cool, too, but players should be allowed to disable this option. But I think, that it won't be in game too, because units will have quite high
  4. I know, I know. I spotted his nick in forum, while after posting my text.
  5. I found this, http://aok.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/aokcgi/...33863,0,10&st=0 it could further improve your mod.
  6. Sorry, CheeZy wrote about it already. My fault.
  7. And what about Blender? Cool pregram, for free, and I think that you wouldn't have to pay to have devs.
  8. I want to ask something. For creation of unit models, do I need 3ds Max? I ask, because I would like to avoid usage of illegal soft and it's probably rather expensive to buy it. I would prefer Gmax, which is for free http://www.turbosquid.com/gmax or Blender (runs under Linux, so this option is best for me).
  9. Hi all. I want to ask something. I will probaby introduce myself as an idiot, but this game is 3D (like AoM), 3D with sprites (medieval Total War) or 2D (like AoK)? Will it be running on DX, OpenGL or even Glide? I use Linux and I'd like to play this game without installing Microsoft's OS, so if this game won't be designed for Linux and if it won't run on DX, I would be able to run it using Wine.
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