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  1. That is weird. Until I deleted all cookies, everything was OK. But now I have same problem. I looked to the cookies.txt file and spotted this line: .wildfiregames.com TRUE wildfiregames.com/forum/ FALSE 1161987071 wfg_member_id 781 Is it correct? I thougth that it should be like this: wildfiregames.com TRUE wildfiregames.com/forum/ FALSE 1161987071 wfg_member_id 781 or www.wildfiregames.com TRUE wildfiregames.com/forum/ FALSE 1161987071 wfg_member_id 781 Don't you think? If there isn't mistake in Firefox? What version do
  2. I have a question. Will it be possible to make each faction with different pop limit? Will it be possible to change 0AD to Total War style (I mean strategical map, in tactical I'm comfortable with 100-300 units, but I really like that Total War style)? I think, that it shouldn't be that problematic.
  3. How do I find out which one I am? Will it have some benefits for me? Like cheaper food?
  4. Hi. I just wanted to inform you, that I no longer use nick godlike. I have a new one: Belisarivs. When I visited these pages for the first tim, I didn't take it so seriously, so I registered under first nick which went on my mind. But now, when I decided to observe forum carefully as well as share some knowledge, I've realised that my nich is too bombastic. So, I decided to ask admin to change it to something else. I use this nick in totalwar.org forums, too. Those who play(ed) mod Fall of Rome for Medieval: Total War (one of best mods fo MTW I've ever played) could know me. So my nick has cha
  5. I expected it would be admin, who will be able to change my nick. Could you change it to Belisarivs? I use this nick in totalwar.org forums, too. Thak you very much.
  6. May I ask you if it is possible to change my nick on my own or is someone able to do it? When I've found this game (0AD), I didn't take it serionsly and wrote first thing that went on my mind. Now when I changed my decision (as this project looks promising and forum members are friendly) and found my nick too bombastic. Is it possible? I'd like to do it without making new login. Thank you.
  7. I have idea. I would really appreciate if there was auto signing of threads where I posted. I don't remember all of them, and if someone questions me in thread I posted in, and I forget it, it will not make anyone happy.
  8. Perfect. That's all I wanted to know. Thanx.
  9. May I try to ask for help with development of devs for 0AD and TLA in Blender forum? I want to have it implemented in geme and want to take some action to ensure that it will be so.
  10. Hey Zezar, your avatar was intended to be such? It says someting like "This image was stolen ...". I'm looking forward for modability under Linux (so I hope in implementation of Blender into 0AD). I intend to change 0AD to Medieval mod, or at least I plan to help with it if someone has that idea too. I loved Age of Kings and I felt it as a shame that it was so hard to mod and that there wasn't chance to mod most of stats of units and tech trees. I dreamt about making total conversion of it. I also love Medieval: Total War, it is modable quite well, but it has quite heavy limits. That is why I'
  11. I'd love to live there too. I don't like dry or cold places. How's weather in Tuscany, Manuel? I'd like to visit it at least. I'm Czech. BTW, welcome aboard.
  12. But Alexander conquered Persian Empire, which had almost still armies larger than that of Alexander. Persian Empire was power indeed in these times. Persians under rule of Chosroessos conquered much of East Roman lands, they proceeded deep into Asia Minor. Then East Romans chose Heraclius as their emperror. That exellent commander destroyed Persian army in Asia Minor, then proceeded directly to the Persian territorries and burnt temple in Ctesiphon. This caused Chosroessos to be murdered and Persians begged for peace and returned all conquerred lands back under East Roman rule. Son of Chossroe
  13. Really cool. May I know if I will be able to make AI able of cunning tactics? I have i mind flanking attacks and other manouvers rather than that simple move to point x and kill anything there. Will AI be able to invent own tactics? Combination of evolution algorithms and AI wars woul be really great. Just to observe how AI improves and evolves own style.
  14. I have an idea about AI. My friend once spoke about evolugtion algorithms. For example someone can make filter from about 15 flip-flop circuits and can orientate in it quite good. But evolution algorithm can in 10 000 generations evolve filter from 7 flip-flop circuits which looks chaotically, but works even better than that filter from 15 circuits. Would it be possible to make some evolution algorihms for AI? I mean, AI would try something randomely and note whether it was successfull. If yes than it would repeat it as often as it is successfull, if not, AI will try again rarely. This would s
  15. Well. Rome was something. As they managed to deffeat Carthage an sea. No flame. Just kidding. Actually, I haven't spotted Slavs. I'm from Czech Republic. But latest research has discovered, that Czechs are rather of Celtic origin. We are perhaps clocest relatives of Scots, Welsh and Irish in continental Europe. That research also discovered, that every tenth European (Slav) has damaged some chromosome and it causes natural resistence to plague and AIDS as these disseases cannot use it to work effectively. Isn't it cool? Actually Bohemia got its name from Celtic tribe named Boians. and our vill
  16. If you are speaking about AI. I have a question. Will it be possible to make AI of steppe nomad horse archers? I don't mean something like "build x horse archers and attack infantry or heavy cavalry, keep distance if possible", but I mean AI attempting to encircle enemy and try to force him to spread an then attack his scattered units by higher number of cavalry units. That was an example, but I'd like an AI opponent who is able to use at least basics of tactics like prebattle scouting of enemy, flanking attacks and ambushes. I know that AI will never be as human, but I'm tired of AI's who sen
  17. I understand that it is real-time and can still commnd units, but I won't be able to command units effectively as my zoom will be too close or far. I know that 5 seconds isn't that much, but battles are usually quick and those few seconds could play at my disadvantage. Just imagine, you command naval and ground battle at once, so you keep switching views quite quickly, but you have to wait for zoom in or out, to command units with maximal effectiveness. My idea is, that when you look at ground, you are zoomed in, and when you switch view at sea you are zoomed out immediatelly (and vice versa)
  18. I meant 5 seconds too much, because if I command naval and ground battle at ince, I switch views quickly. This means, that I wouldn't wait 5 sec. untill zoomed in or out. This means for me. that I will never have reasonable zoom to command units in time, when it is really needed, as I don't want to loose any battle. My idea is, that if you are zoomed to ground units and switch view to the sea, you will be zoomed out immediatelly and vice versa. But cinematic zooming on shores would be OK.
  19. But what if you are commanding naval and ground battle at once? What if I command battle on the gound and switch view to naval battle. I have to wait for 5 seconds before I can command navy effectively. That is too much. Wouldn't be better to switch zoom immediately?
  20. I agree, but not fully. Movement around shore could be terrible as camera would still zoom in and zoom out. I'd prefer hotkey for switching between zoom in and zoom out. But that aoutomatic switching would be cool when switching between view on ground and sea, but that automatic switching would be disabled when view is centered on coast and player will choose when to zoom in or out by hotkey (to trevent frustration from permanent switching between zooms when moving with ships or ground units around coast). Another cool idea would be to to automaticaly change zoom level when commanding ground u
  21. Right you are. They look reasonably big if compared to ground units, but they are too big to manouver with them in naval battle. Landing operations would be really hard to manage due to difference of sizes. But personally, I'd prefer this style still, because that's more realistic and landing operations should be harder. I don't like style in AoK, when one transport ship carries 20 units and in second unloads all of them to your island. No need to say that it looks weird when transporting ship is slightly bigger than one cavalry unit, but can carry 20 of them.
  22. Hi there. I have some ideas: What if Phalanx and other soldierz equipped vith pikes (or Sarissa) had minimal and maximal range equal? Alone, one pikeman against one swordsman would have no chance, but formations 3 ranks deep would be absolutely destructive as all 3 ranks could attack at once, but would be vulnerable when attacked from flanks or rear. In fact that was reason why Legion deffeated Phalanx, because while Alexander maintained exellent cavalry to protect flanks of Phalanx (he also put new type of soldiers named Hypaspists, who were something like better manouverable infatry to bette
  23. Fine, fine. Just offered my idea, which would be cool for horse archers. Cool. I thought, that it will not make you happy to realise that one of main ideas differentiating your game from others is planned by some modders to be removed. But when I speak about this game I have Medieval mod in mind and in middle ages was distinction between peasants and soldiers bigger. But this definitely doesn't mean, that i dislike your idea of Citisen Soldiers as I plan to play your game and expect different experience and enjoyment. Fine. So It will be possible to make such hero in mod. Thanks. That's
  24. For me villager abilities for soldiers aren't so important, because I plan to mod it and put villagers back to the game. I just want to know if it will be possible to assign some unit to do ranged or melee attack like in Medieval: Total War. That's all. Another example: Kataphraktoi are attacking superior number of melee infantry. They shoot down many of infantrymen, but are attacked by light cavalry (which is faster, so there won't be any chance for Kataphraktoi to keep at least minimal distance), so they draw steel and kill light cavalry. Now some ideas. Roman soldiers could be able to build
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