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  1. Sorry, but don't you think, that you are too demanding? I mean, I think it is really planned, but one man (well, as I promised, I can help with modelling and texturing) cannot do everything. There is no better thing about it you can do than join him and help. You'll soon find out, that it isn't that simple like typing one feature request.
  2. But this happened quite often in history, that someone built large navy and his opponent had to destroy it. No one gave him quote. Personally, I hate any such limits as these are very inaccurate. Player should be able to train as much navy as he is able. Better option perhas would be something like unit would consume some resources still. If you run out of resources it needs, it will rebell. Something like in RTS Cossacks (not the greatest game ever, but it has shown true power of gunpowder and implemented this resource consumption). These moments aren't that rare in history. And ships would s
  3. I'd love to have them in. But I don't want to take too much work as I don't know how hard it will be to do. If you wish, you can join the team and do some research, modelling, texturing ... Thank you Tathar. Welcome to the team. If I could suggest learning modelling in Blender (it's for free). When I'll be at home I'll post you some guides. Also, you can contact me via e-mail and jabber IM (however, keep in mind that I'm from Central Europe, so count with time shifting as I won't be willing to stay awake to 3-4 hours AM ) as I already have skills you'd like to gain and I can share my knowle
  4. Nice logo. Thanks. But could you please change its name to "For Honour and Glory"? That is how's that mod named, actually.
  5. Two people asked. But this doesn't mean, that only these are insterested.
  6. To advance: Ideas of the units Byzantines Heavy cavalry: Tagmatic Cavalry Klibanophoroi (whole in armour, mostly lamellar) Latinikoni (I don't know, could be lighter, but could be whole armoured) Horse Archers: Kataphraktoi (armoured horse archer) Steppe Horse Archers (Patzinaks, Turkish ... - no armour, or only light) Light Cavalry: Trapezitoi Infantry: Skutatoi (armoured spearmen) Byzantine Infantry (armoured swordsmen) Varangoi Paramonai Foot archers: Psiloi (normal unarmoured archer) Armoured Archers (byzantine archers were later quite heavily armoured) Mercenary Xbowmen Ships: Dromon (fas
  7. All models I create will be available for free and you can borrow and use/edit them at will. It seems, that we two are for now the only ones interested in development of mods of such scale. Edit: BTW, you have mistake in your logo. There is ritten Colnial A.D.
  8. And could you, for now, simply make few models and textures available? Modders then can start creating models which fit to the game, so when it is released couple of mods could be available soon after release. Will be Blender supproted somehow (Dnas mantioned, that he uses script to export blend files to the 0AD format, but how it looks now?)?
  9. Hm. Wouldn't it be easier to use one IM client for, all three (including jabber)? Nevermind. Use whatever you wish. It was just offer. Read trough those links I sent and choose what will fit you best. However, I consider Miranda IM to be good option.
  10. I meant IM client. Hm, I don't know which programs shall be suppoted. It seems, that Blender and 3D Studio will be in.
  11. TLA will run on 0AD (from what I've read). Dnas mentioned, that he uses some script to convert Blender model to that is used in 0AD. I've alsop read, that there will be used dds textures.
  12. http://www.jabber.org/ http://www.jabber.org/user/userfaq.shtml http://www.jabber.org/user/userguide/ Which client do you use? Miranda? I can send you libs for SSL support in jabber for Miranda IM. It wasn't simple to find them. Is it hard to get to the texturing in Blender? could you suggest some webpages about texturing (there is no need sor some real good and special effects, basic texturing to be able to create 3d units for 0AD is enough for now). Thanks for help.
  13. Well, but someone has to create textures. And if I plan to create medieval mod, then simply I have to model. Why? Medieval destrier was bigger than horses used in antiquity and equipment differed, too. So it won't be in 0AD? I would have to mod TLA? When I was browsing their pages I got an idea that TLA will run on 0AD engine. I didn't see much screenshots there, though.
  14. Great. Which program do you use for modelling (and which file extension it produces)? I run Linux and thus my option was Blender. Cool program, and for free. I'm asking because I'd like to know if I'll be able to import your work (to have a look, to learn something ...) to Blender. It can handle 3ds files quite well. Would you mind getting an jabber account and contact me via it? I'm not sure, but usage of ICQ in Linux is somewhat illegal (there is no official client for Linux and those unofficial aren't legal AFAIK) and I think, that it is about the same with messenger. How much skilled in te
  15. Perfect. Could it be available ASAP (err, now)? I'd like to start modelling and texturing new units for mod "For Honour and Glory". Perhaps some type of gallery won't hurt, too. User could upload model and picture of that model and other users could download it for free and use it. It should be perhaps divided to sections by file extension.
  16. This mod will bring Medieval era to the 0AD engine (come on, haven't you ever wanted to have some idea implemented to the game like AoK?). I hesitated if it isn't too soon, but I think, that it won't hurt to have some skills and models available when game is released. Especially when I just started learning modelling in Blender. First result isn't that terrible, though. So, to be more exact, which nations will be in: To be honest, I don't know. I plan to implement Bohemians and Byzantines for now. Why? My favourite nations, I have some knowledge about them and now, when I am only member of tea
  17. I'd like to have some models of units available to start creating own units for mod I plan to start (I can create them on my own, but I'd like to see some sample to know level of detail, size of unit ...). I'd like Total War style Conquer the World in game.
  18. So, will the Conquer the World style be implemented to the game?
  19. Try it. It's for free. Blender3d.org.
  20. Learn modelling in some 3d program compatible with 0AD format (3DS, Dnas was also speaking about Blender and I consider it better option due to price) and become modeller or texturer. I can tell you that after two days with Blender I was able to create IMHO quite nice model of horse. Such skills will be mostly welcomed in some mod development.
  21. I don't know RoN CtW. In Total War you start game in strategic view with world divided to provinces. You have only few at the beginning. You can train there units and construct buildings and ships. In strategic view it is turn-based. Training of unit or construction of building takes several turns. Also moving units on the map takes turns. When you attack someone (or someone attacks you) with your army and opponent decides to face you, game turns to tactic view in real-time where you face your opponents army with yours. How is it in RoN?
  22. If I may suggest. It would be cool to give player option which campaign (style) to choose. Total War style couldn't have narrative. I see it as advantage. Game was allways different and replayable. Perhaps there could be both (or more) styles available. Player would soose whether he wants conquer the world or story. I know, that you plan to create historically accurate campaign, but player would play it once. Next time it would be quite the same. But Conquer the World with it's alliances, strategic thinking, plots and possibility to recreate history would be very exciting for much longer time.
  23. You mean that from Total War or RoN? I prefer the first one. It would be really cool.
  24. I could use some section with artwork for mod creation. Models and so. I was googling hard but failed to download some useful models for blender for free regarding history and anvient military. Perhaps you could make available some models for public here. I'm especially interested in blender models of soldiers and horses and so. I just want to be ready to start some serious mod development when game is released and this could help me to get to 3d modelling faster.
  25. But Guderian is Guderian.
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