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  1. I haven't played it. But I know something about HOI 1. I can't say taht it is bad. But in HOI, there is no battle AFAIK. There is only strategic map. I said it badly, maybe MTW isn't best conquer the world game, but combination of strategy and tactics is IMHO unique to the Total War saga. And I'd like to have it implemented in 0AD (with less numbers of troops , lets say about 200 units on each side on the battlefield, rest would be as reinforcements, so when you attack region with 800 troops, you'd be able to use only 200 ofthem, rest would be used as reinforcements arriving when some of those
  2. The best CTW RTS are IMHO Total War series (i really love Medieval - Total War, modders have made this game just awesome, I slightly participated in development of Fall of Rome mod, I have never played game which would introduce me to this period better). I'd like to have option to play it this way (like some switch to choose style, like MTW or AoK or RoN).
  3. Well, from what I've read, Carthaginian North Africa was inhabited by 750 000 people while Latium by 6 milions before Punnic Wars. But Romans were later Professional soldiers, while in barbarin tribes was every man warrior. So, my idea is to give Romans villagers and stronger military units and barbarians will be all CS.
  4. I think, that Medieval mod could cover Vikings rather then vice versa.
  5. I wonder, why don't you mention Medieval era mod?
  6. Well, have you seen Braveheart? You could see here, that wall of pikes is pretty efficient in stopping cavalry charge. At Taginae were troops of Narses also able to hold their position against Ostrogothic heavy cavalry pretty well. It wasn't exception. Swiss were also exellent warriors and none cavalry could pass their lines from front (of course they could be outflanked, but they were still formidable force). And if we speak about Narses, we couldn't forget his marvellous victory over Franks. Their tight formation was impossible to deffeat by any horsemen, so he used horse archers and wiped t
  7. If it comes to physics, I'd prefer height advantage and other such things. Archers standing on the hill should have longer range, los and greater damage while those under hill would be weaker. Also units attacking down the hill should have great advantage.
  8. Thanks for explanation Captain Morgan. I understand.
  9. IMHO, cavalry was pretty weak in these days (except Persian Cataphract of course) ae stirrup was not invented yet and horses in these days were far from destriers in middle ages. But Ibelieve, that it wasn't gunpowder which ended time of cavalry but (swiss) pikes as cavaroy couldn't charge wall of pikes. Gunpowder unit weren't so powerful for some time. It rather scared enemy than kill him.
  10. I believe that OSS is great if there is someone who supervises. Have a look at Linux kernel. Linus decides what will or won't be added and thus can control development. If you have moved to OSS, anyone could modify your source code but you would be supervisors who would say what to implement to the game and what not. Source code would spread to the world and if anyone want to work on it, then there would be no problem. He could contact you, send you his work and you'd say your comments and decisions. Also realise a fact that if more people look at your source code, chance that they find bug in
  11. Did you play Medieval: Total War, Mabuse? Ther eit was solved this way (and mostly realistic). Units had 3 speeds. Walk/Run/Charge. Units had stamina and faster you moved, faster want stamina down. Units also couldn't run up the hill, just walked, and units running down the hill moved faster and got bonuses. Also units had two types of attack. Charge and normal attack. When you ordered your units to charge enemy, stamina went down faster and they did diffeent damage to the enemy, then, they continued fighting, normal attack was counted. Also units with pikes, spears or lances had bigger charge
  12. You sound like someone who loves Byzantines (perhaps you are Greek), well, I won't oppose you much because I love Byzantines, too, but we are speaking about military and I'm arguing, that Arabs didn't conquer empires in full power while Alexander stood against inferior enemy. It isn't truth at all. But you are putting Persians to the same group with Arabs and Turks and I can't agree with it. Before conquest of Persia, arabs were just bunch of barbarian horsemen, but in Persia they learned much of knowledge about architecture and so as Persian nation was highly developed. Arabic numbers we use
  13. I just want to ask, what those WFG logos above avatar pics mean?
  14. I love AoK, but Medieval: Total War as well. But when is Economz set up and running, zou don't have to take care about it so much. And when you are attacked or in ffence, you barely fcus on economy, but focus on military. And as I said, option to enable or disable tactic finesses should be in game. Player will choose what he want or not.
  15. Well, I can pass it quite well, too. Though some words are unknown to me. Czech language is considered to be difficult, but I don't have to care about writing and reading, because in Czech are letters read still same.
  16. Well, but when I set workers to their task, there is nothing to care of (of course, I have to look sometimes if resources aren't depleted and so). And if I'm fighting, there is no time and need to take care about aconomy, because it is set up and running. At least option to enable or disable Stamina and different speeds should be in game and player will decide whether he is able to be competent commander under those contitions or not.
  17. For those, who are born English speakers, it will be interesting only a little. But I'm not and find it quite interesting and cheerful. http://www.bertc.com/english.htm
  18. Personally, I don't like it. I don't want to have all villagers killed by falling trees. BTW anyone with something what can be seldom called intelligence can estimate where will tree fall quite well. Another idea: What about stamina and different speed for walk/run/charge (yes I like Total War series)?
  19. Not bad idea, but what if pikeman misses swordsman? wordsman paroaches, and thus makes pike useless. My idea is, that pikemen (palanx) will have same number for min and max range. When deployed in formations at least three ranks deep thay will be destructive when attacking, but will be vulnerable when they break formation or are attacked from flanks or rear. Yhis will be IMHO absolutely realistic, as Phalanx was used by Alexander to stop enemy and then was enemy attacked from flanks by Companions. When Companions disappeared from battlefield, Phalanx was vulnerable and deffeated by Romans, bec
  20. Hey, it was obvious that they edited all inteligent people out. There are visible correct answers at the beginning of movie. I also don't know all states in USA (lets say two thirds). Also that bombing of Antarctica is obvious joke. But it is reaction on fact that USA attack states at will.
  21. I found this. http://media.putfile.com/On-The-Streets-Of-America-3 Fearsome.
  22. Just have a look. http://kavkazcenter.com/eng/content/2005/11/09/4208.shtml
  23. I doubt that your name is such. It is your nick, isn't it? Welcome here. You'll like thic community as I do. I'm sure.
  24. When I type http://www.wildfiregames.com and then click on "Community Forums" I'm not logged in. But when I type http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum I'm logged in.
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