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  1. Hey Leonidas, "It is a sweet and seemly thing to die for one's country, but even sweeter to make the other b*stard die for his!" Wasn't it Patton?
  2. I couldn't miss repeating mistake in your screenshots with well. Water level is too high there. It usually is at least 2 or 3 meters below surface. If water level was so high, than it would be artesian spring (which is highly improbable) or whole ground around there would be swampy. So it would be correct to not to show water level at wells at all.
  3. Well, it is Adblock Filterset.G updater which has such rule. Whitelisting solved it for me, too.
  4. While I was browsing forums at totalwar.org, I spotted some screenshots of high quality models for Rome: Total War. Those are trully cool. Perhaps you could have a look. http://forums.totalwar.org/vb/showthread.php?t=58839 Go through all pages. Nice screens. In general, whole RTW modding forum contains nice pieces. http://forums.totalwar.org/vb/forumdisplay.php?f=72 Just an idea. Might help.
  5. Those revisions, it reminds me subversion. Do you use non public svn tree?
  6. Well, personally, I like idea to have detailed economy. But I think, that players won't bother with it that much. Though, I think that it would be great to somehow eliminate style used in AoK MP with it. I read many articles about how are players playing AoK in MP. It looks like: At the begining send 2 villagers to build house another two chop trees, when tose two ffinish building, send them to forage berries .... I mean that style is like timed orders. Like it were engines, not people playing game. I'd like to eliminate that feel by randomeness in resource gathering and by implemetation of ta
  7. Just curious, but what is it? I liked AoE1 and 2 much indeed. This is some mod, extension or simply something virtual what doesnt exist but would be cool to be more than just an idea?
  8. Hmm, I'm still thinking about Toledo steel. Was it really so famous in these days? I thought, that Spanish or maybe Moors made use of that and thus made it famous. But I like your ideas, kikito. Especially raiding. But I don't know if it should be made like you say. What would you do if playing in MP against Iberians? Fortify and thus decrease their chance to loot and survive. If this is so crucial and they simply MUST loot something, they would be easy prey if they don't achieve so. In general, I like your idea, but I don't know how to implement it to the game. Though, let WFG to surprise us.
  9. In general, not that bad idea, but in fact, Starcraft was only one. Everything else will be just its' copy. But fact is, that modpacks made by modders usually degrade original game to tutorial (see Medieval: Total War, modpacks for it are so cool, that original game looks in comparison with them really like demo), so I think that it definitely isn't bad idea and modders are able to make it true masterpiece most game distributors would kill for. In fact, more I think about it, more I like it.
  10. Thanks for explanation. But "Romanum" sounds like adjective. "Roma" sounds like objective.
  11. Hi. I was googling hard to find what does SPQR mean. Answers differ quite much. I don't mean those cheerful things like "Sentiment Prevents Queens' Removal" and so. I've found ideas like: Senatus Populusque Romanum (but what does Q stand for? I'm not likely to believe it that it is in word PopulusQue) which means Senate of Roman People (I think) Senatus Populus Que Roma Senate, People and Rome (which fits me best) and other I don't recall. What do you think it is? Just curious.
  12. I'd like to see Persian Cataphract and Carthaginian Sacred Cavalry.
  13. You don't have to. If Romans take Ballistas and mangonesl, they have pretty much firepower to respond to persian horse archers. Romans can aso catch Persian horse archers in area which doesn't fit persian tactics. IMHO Romans didn't loose to Persians everytime. I just wanted to say, that Romans won't be that versatile. As their battle style was rather uniform. Infantry formed core of army, Light cavalry (not numerous) was used for scouting, some archers, more Velites and Catapults and Ballista. Perhaps around 50-100 AD should appear Cataphractarii and Clibanarii. But Cavalry woudn't be strong
  14. Well, Roman weakness will be definitely in cavalry and not superior archery. As core of army was created by native Roman heavy infantry, which should be strong indeed, and archers and cavalry was provided by roman allies. Roman cavalry was used mainly for scouting or pursuing fleeing enemy. BTW, lack of good cavalry caused roman deffeat at Karrhae, because Romans weren't able to respond to Persian bowfire and heavy cavalry. So, I think, that roman tactics will be attack on open field (to use formations), but not that open to prevent effective use of enemy cavalry. They will also use Ballista a
  15. Well, I meant Germanic tribes in general. I don't want to underestimate WFG or something like this, but to make such great numbers of different tribes would only cause additional delay. BTW, I don't think that their equipment and fighting style differed so much to be worth making them as unique civs.
  16. Right you are about Legionary. They most certainly didn't name them so. Problem is, that I'm not sure which period is covered by 0AD as Roman army changed in time. So, perhaps there could be more periods in game (perhaps three - Early, Marian and Late?). Because Clibanarius was introduced by Hadrian AFAIK. If I might suggest, if someone has Medieval: Total War - Viking Invasion, try mod Fall of Rome (http://rapidshare.de/files/5087854/Fall_of_Rome-3.0.exe.html). Its creator (with my minor help ) has done cool job and provided numbers of cool units for Late Roman era. One of the best mods for
  17. Just a question. Will it be possible to assign one unit to have two types of melee attack and civilian skills? It would be needed for pikemen as pike was in close combat pretty useless, so they would switch to swords. I'd do it like this: Infantry Spearman - Triarius - OK Infantry Swordsman - Hastatus - OK (I miss Principle, though) Infantry Javelineer - Velite - OK Infantry Archer - Sagitarius - Longbowmen were Welsh invention IMHO Infantry Slinger - Slinger - I don't like English name, but I don't know Latin equivalent Cavalry Spearman - Clibanarius Cavalry Swordsman - Cataphract - Romans eq
  18. Well, Roman Legionary was rather strong. Romans won Punnic wars by their soldiers, not ships. And onboard they couldn't use their formations. Hoplite would loose in fight with Legionary for sure as i was already explained. I had an idea, but none seemed to be interested. What if Hoplites (and other pikemen) had also minimal range with their primary weapon. If Hoplites were in deeper formations, they would be very strong when facing enemy from front, but if attacked from more directions, they would loose. Also one to one wouldn't be good to use them. This is IMHO very close to reality, because
  19. That battle was pretty ahistorical. Romans were usually outnumbered, so if they would break ranks, like in that film, they would loose advantage they had in equipment (gladius - deadlly weapon in pressure of battle, but in personal 1 to 1 combat ot was bad, because it was too short to swing with) and they were trained to hold ranks. It was expected, that every soldier can fully fight for 15 mins, after that time fighting line was replaced by another and rested. BTW, in Gladiator I didn't see any Roman to throw Pillum.
  20. Yeah. They were simly lucky in first third. Next two thirds they were beaten so heavily, that they barely managed to withstand it. Loss with Russians was inevitable. Russians overclassed them as well as Czechs did in those last two thirds.
  21. Well, I dislike Ruthu (I'm typing it bad I think) for what he did it to Jagr. Shame is, that whole team seemed to appreciate such action. I'm dissappointed about it. I thought, that Olympic Games are about fair play, not slaughter. I wouldn't be surprised if Canadians would do it, as they are well known to enjoy fighting rather than playing fair, especially when loosing, but Finnish!?
  22. Personally, I dislike cheats. But switching difficulty during game would be cool. Also option "Auto adjust skill" like un UT would be exellent thing. No one answered, you perhaps missed my question, so I repeat it as I'd like to know it. Will Corvus be in 0AD? Thanks.
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