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  1. Phoenix-TheRealDeal, I understood it. Citisen Soldier will be able to fight and farm (and do other villager like stuff) whileSuper Units will be dedicated to warfare, but Zorinthrox didn't ask for that. I'm also interested in question he posted. Example: Archer will fire at the enemy, but when enemy approaces to close and will be too fast (so there won't be any hope for archer to flee) will archer be able to switch to some sword and defend himself? Primary role of archers would and should be ranged attack, but they should be useful as last resort melee infantry.
  2. Wouldn't be better to make skirmish mode like in MTW? Way of attacking wasn't used often, because archers were usually protected by other units. In MTW archers usually fire at the enemy, but try to hold distance. This would be extremely useful for archers mounted on horseback.
  3. Thanx . BTW, today I celebrate my 22. birthday.
  4. What are these formations doing - sparabara, and syntagma? What about wedge? And will it be possible to make unit able of melee and ranged attack. I'd love to have Kataphraktoi in the game.
  5. Thanx for answer. And what about Units able of both, melee and ranged attack? What about stamina? Unit which will run will loose it, unit which will stand will regenerate it and walking unit will neither lose it nor regenerate it. It shouldn't be such problematic to implement it I think (but I might be wrong as I'm not experienced programmer).
  6. Agreed. I expected it, it is also a lot of additional work .... I undertand it.
  7. OK I've read FAQ, but I didn't remember everything. And what about other questions? Point of my question about formations wasn't if there will be testudo or not, but if these will have affect on soldiers stats. BTW, I've read in FAQ, that there won't be movies in game, because most (if not all) media formats are patented (requiring a paid license to encode movie files), closed-source, royalty-taxed, and/or platform bound. AFAIK xvid lacks these disadvantages.
  8. I have few source files of some basic programs in OpenGL and GLUT. It has Czech comments and I plan to translate it. Is there anybody interested in it?
  9. My questions: Will there be turtle formation, phalanx formation (with pikes used as some protection against arrows), wedge formation .... , which would give some bonuses to units (better protection/worse attack and vice versa? Will archers be able to fight melee (British Longbowmen were quite well known for that skills). Perhaps I want too much things, but stamina and different speeds for walk/run/charge would be welcomed. Also ability to patrol on walls could be cool.
  10. It generates maps from data files gathered bz CIA in 80's, but I don'think that it is absolutely useless. I think, that world now is almost the same (but I think, that not so devastated) like in 0AD. Some minor differences could be easily changed. It should ber definitely easier and more accurate than made all by hand. This man mede it: francois@arvernes.com contact him and ask him whatever you wish.
  11. I downloaded it, but forgot to download other files, so I didn't try it, but it looks promising. I'll try it and report after finishing my exams. Perhaps it could run on Windows, but I think that chances are small. Linux itself is only kernel with HW support, let say like MS-DOS and X-Window is something like Win 3.11, but for Linux (and Unixes) only (I think). For Linux user would be such comparison insultive (like compering Ferrarri to some pretty terrible car) but to show relationship between Linux and X-window system is quite sufficient. So, X-Window (and Window X) means that it requires L
  12. Another idea. If you want provinces in the game, try http://frmas.free.fr/li_1.htm Runs under Linux and generates nice maps.
  13. I think, that they deserve it. First really professional army with standardized equipment (I mean that Marius's reformed army), exelent morale, discipline and skill. Often triumphant and victorious even against odds. They were also treacherous and cruel, but every nation had, has and will have such individuals. Yes, I like them and despite all their negatives I mourn for their disappearence (I don't believe, that Italians are their descendants).
  14. Is there possibility to register and when game is finished, then I will be notified?
  15. Of course. I'm sending suggestions, offering some minor help... and above all I'm going to have it and do my mods for it (or at least participate in development).
  16. May I offer my help in translation of this game to Czech language? It won't be quickly done, but it might help. My e-mail v.pelcak@seznam.cz.
  17. I liked rushes in AoK, but this isn't historically accurate. I know, that this game isn't intended do be absolutely accurate if it comes to history and tactics and rather seeks balance between gameplay and accuracy, but it would look odd if Romans built Barracks close to base of enemy and quickly started training soldiers and sending them to enemy. That's my point of view.
  18. I realized, that I could do for you more than I expected. I have few cource codes of OpenGL and GLUT in C. But I have to translate comments to English. Unfortunately, university makes me busy, so don't expect it quickly and on Holliday I won't be at home a lot (seasonal work), so expect it finished after Hollyday. Untill that time, you should have some compiler, GLUT, OpenGL libs and some good editor would be fine. Under win32 is good compiler MinGW - Minimalist GNU for Win and as editor I would suggest ConText. But Linux is strongly suggested as it provides good compiler and also required Ope
  19. Unfortunately not. Only Czech and English. And little bit German.
  20. I study at Technical University in Brno. I don't have MSN. My skills in OpenGL aren't high, so don't expect much. I would definitely be unable to help with development of 0AD. My ICQ - 289601727. Thanx for greeting.
  21. Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication.
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