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  1. Finally a chance for the community to show what we are capable of. Well, either that or WFG have decided they can't really be bothered doing shields.
  2. I while back I voted here, although I'm not entirely sure who for (may have been carthaginians). Right now I really want to play the Iberians. I can pretty much imagine what the other civs will play like, but I just can't get my head arond the Iberians. I mean so for it looks like they'll be some kind of cross between turtlers and rushers. Pharaonic Egyptians > Ptolemaic Egytians. The Ptolemaic dynasty was in power after pretty much everyone who could had wiped the floor with the Egyptians (with the exception of the Romans who would shortly invade and turn the area itno their breadbasket)
  3. The game is being designed to be extremely historically accurate (obviously not past the point where it hurts gameplay), so I expect the campaigns will be strictly historical.
  4. OK, specific questions: - Is the plan still to have millitary units be able to do civillian jobs? - What resources are there and how are they gathered? - Will there be drop off points or will you dispense with them like Ensemble did? - What is the general design philosophy: Do you consider the economic side of the game to be just as important as the millitary side or do you see it as something to do in between battles (Unfortunately far too many designers seem to be going for the latter.
  5. We seem to have pretty good info about the military side of the game, we know what sort of units the game has, which civ. specialises in which units etc, we even have showcases of a couple of super units. Despite this we know virtually nothing about how the economy will be managed, except what we can remember from very old posts from the mods (which is probably all out of date anyway). So I was wondering whether we could be enlightened somewhat.
  6. You have to admit that it works pretty well: it's simple for your avgerage player, it's easy to balance and it still creates enough sense of realism to avoid total absurdity (now, does anyone remember the Empire Earth balance system that only compared units based on their form of attack, whether arrow, pierce or melee, totally ignoring whether they were cavalry or had range or whatever. That was bad. The cool thing is of course, that 0AD doesn't have to care about selling as many copies to average gamers (in fact, you're average gamer will probably be more likely to get the game anyway as he w
  7. OK. Some more brainstorming: Iberians: The worlds first guerillas. We are told that they will be a predominantly defenseive civilisation, but also that they will have the fastest (we're told they have excellent cavalry units) and most rapid firing units in the game, with the addded option of flaming projectiles and some kind of "Toledo steel" bonus. This doesn't really sound like your typical defensive turtle civ. I imagine a more sort of "defend by attacking" approach, or as Firepowa put it, a turtle-rush. Their fast units sound ideal for being able to cover large areas by moving units around
  8. We've probably both been reading different sources, because from what I've always heard Celts thought that armour was for cowards and prefered to fight without it (often without any clothes too), believing that fate had already decided whether they would die or not, and no amount of armour would protect them. I'm seriously no history buff, but this is how I've always seen them portrayed.
  9. Despite the fact that we have practically no concrete info on what each civ. will be like to play, its never too early to make speculations based on history and what little we have already been told (I'm assuming the "Cultures" info on the main website is still at least mostly up to date). I'm sure the history buffs will be able to tell us exactly how each civ. really fought, but of course theres always the problem of exactly how that translates into gameplay. So a few of my speculations: Carthagianians: We are told they had a good navy, were good traders, that the walls of Carthage were never
  10. In an ideal world I would like an expansion that pushes the timescal back even further to include even more ancient civs, like the Hittites, Babylonians, Egyptians etc. For some reason they are chronically under-represented in games.
  11. Monut and Blade just takes a different approach. OK, so it might improve community involvement slightly, but playing an unfinished game actually does kind of turn people off. Currently (haven't checked any updates in like a month or so, forgive me if something radically new and innovative was incorporated in the mean time) there isn't really that much to do: you've got a few cities with one or two people to talk to, virtually all the interiors are unfinished, a few places to visit, and arena to fight in, basicly it just isn't nearly enough for a full game yet and that can be annoying. Also, yo
  12. Try www.zompist.com if you already haven't. That is the place for nerds who are into this sort of stuff to hang out (and yes, I do go there). I think somebody with the the time and effort to plan out something like this will fit right in.
  13. I'm sure you could do the same for words purely of Latin or Germanic origin in. A lot of those words look like later borrowings for scholastic terms (most probably made by scholars who were fluent in Greek and simply needed a term for something or because they thought it was more pure than the vulgar european tongues). Many of them are not exactly common terms (tell me how often you use "Synchronous Scholastis" or "Synergistic Ergo" in regular speech) and few show evidence of being natural domesticated words in any modern language (if they were we might expect French/English/Whatever sound cha
  14. OK, a MMOFPS or MMOPRG with FPS elements. It's still multiplayer only, making it hard as hell to do, and drastically decreasing the audience of the game.
  15. If I understand correctly you're basicly talking about a bronze-age MMORPG. These are possibly the hardest games to pull off, not only as far as making it goes but also designing it so it doesn't fall apart with so many people online (anyone who's played Runescape will know what I mean).
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