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  1. At my parents house: Ubuntu 8.10 on AMD 64 3700+ 1 GB RAM GF 7600GS At my flat: Ubuntu 9.04 on AMD Phenom II X4 920 4 GB RAM GF GTX 275
  2. It also shows distrust of web admins towards community. Censorship is always wrong. If someone is immature, he must face the consequences. Well, that depends. It isn't question easy to answer. Both have significant pros and cons. I like both equally. I like AoK as well as Total War games. Both excel in different way, and both are really good. IMHO.
  3. Really? I read somewhere, that their brain was bigger than ours. That at least suggests higher intelligence. Well, I'm curious what led to their extinction. I mean what was their weakness. AFAIK, we are real reason of their extinction.
  4. Keep in mind, that while soldiers could be recruited from whole China, Romans had IMHO tough times gathering large army. While Chinese were mostly natives, Roman Empire was mostly conquered region.
  5. And what about Celts or Iberians? They didn't build aqueducts. How can they play random map in desert then? That is IMHO good point against them.
  6. darn. I apologize for being blind. Edit: Hey. What's up with text editing? I get word d a m n replaced by darn.
  7. I have played quite a lot of games, but I have never been kidnapped on high sea. So, where is that danger you are talking about? Scourge of society? In Somalia maybe, but not in Central Europe. I don't get it? When somebody voluntarily pays for something he can have for free, it is solely his problem. I think, that people from 0AD are doing this for fun, to gain skills and some fame (not sorted in order of importance) and maybe something else. How can you blame them for it? There are larger projects which are spread for free and these aren't distributed in underground for heavy money.
  8. BTW, what does RTT mean, please?
  9. No. They were soldiers as any other. Fact that they were hardened and disciplined while their foes had inferior equipment and usually also training made them shine. Any soldier of middle ages was seeking fame and fortune.And they were no exception.
  10. I wouldn't call Conquistadors stupid and incompetent. In fact, they were pretty efficient. Well, I don't like Praetorians. IMHO they more hurt Rome than served it. If I was Emperor, I'd try to eliminate them ASAP.
  11. 0AD supports multi threading? I don't thing so as there was said that project lacks programmers and support for more threads is IMHO nasty to implement.
  12. No. There are other reasons. .NET is IIRC youger than 0AD, so it would bee needed to rewrite whole game. I don't know about .NET implementation of OpenGL. .NET is proprietary MS tech (no, Mono isn't full implementation) and thus no Linux, no MAC etc. .NET is somewhat less effective, so better CPU and more RAM would be needed. And there are maybe others.
  13. Nobody says otherwise. But you accepted arguments against it. You aren't noob. You are welcomed member of community around 0AD.
  14. Would be an abuse of power... wouldn't it? And isn't your insult abuse of anonymity? He doesn't only have moderator privileges. As he is one of leading persons of 0AD, and thus you should want to make him agree with you and this is always made by polite and constructive discussion. You have failed to control your emotions and insulted him in public. Now you should show that you are grown up enough to realize your fault and apologize. Then we can start to discuss it again. But don't expect it to be implemented sooner than in Part II. As it was already mentioned, team lacks menpower. What do yo
  15. You can't implement Total War features into RTS. You'd definitely turn it towards The Sims variation (well, I took it perhaps too much to the extreme, but I just wanted to point out how it could end up). I, among other people, hope, that Part II will bring in Total War style into 0AD, but for RTS it would make it too complex.
  16. Says who? I'm too honourable and posses too much knowledge about what has MS done to defend such company. BTW, could you please avoid flamebaits such as this next time?
  17. Additional work -> Delay of release Also, tis is AoK style game with emphasis on warfare. I don't want 0AD to end up as The Sims variation. I'm interested in military, less I have to care about peasants, the better. I mean, there, of course, is need to manage economy,but I find that in AoK satisfactory.
  18. Cigarette is stinking hay with fire at one side and fool at the other.
  19. Then read the google apps license agreement.
  20. May I suggest you something then? You do it wrong way. If you already have nice work, you should advertise it. Tease future players/modders/whatever. This must draw attention of many people. Remember, strong community is must. Also, keep in mind that this can mean also mode menpower for your work as some people from community will gladly help you. Now it seems to me, that you are almost hiding screens. Not that you do it, but personally, I'd put any picture at main page so any random visitor comes and sees that cool work, is attracted and perhaps can even offer help. It doesn't mean any additi
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